Falcon 4.0 PMC Theaters - The Official List

Falcon 4 PMC Theater downloads unavailable until the next theater upgrade.

Theaters below are for Falcon 4 Allied Force, Benchmark Sims Falcon BMS 4.33 U1 and FreeFalcon 6.

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Historical and theoretical theaters. PMC Tactical Afghanistan Theater Map

Official PMC Afghanistan Theater Forum Area. Contains the historical Enduring Freedom operation and also two other theoretical full scale wars with equal opponents.

The terrain in this region is very interesting with all the high mountains and definitely will contain hair raising battlefield. Two other campaigns are planned to be deadly as ever, realistic of course but very high on activity both air and land units.

This theater contains Afghanistan in the middle, then Iran, Pakistan, India, China etc. Custom tile-set has been included so this theater doesn't look like other similar ones.

Operation Desert Storm

Historical theater. PMC Tactical Operation Desert Storm Theater Map

Official PMC Desert Storm Theater Forum Area. Contains historical Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraq Freedom and several other fictional campaigns.

Also known as Desert Storm or simply ODS (Operation Desert Storm) theater

Please notice that this theater size is 128 x 128 segments. It means that the size of the landscape is four (4) times of the default Korean (and other theaters not specifically mentioned to be 128 theaters). The flight distances are very long with aerial refuels needed to accomplish the mission objectives. Its not rare to hear bullseye calls of 600miles here! So cool!

In this theater you can recreate historical missions flown both in 1991 Gulf War as well as 2003 Operation Iraq Freedom. This theater includes third theater with present day aircrafts and equipment with three fictional campaigns.

This theater have custom tile-set.


Theoretical theater. PMC Tactical Eritrea Theater Map

Normal sized 64 segment theater, same as default Korea.

African conflict in the Ethiopia Somalia border region. Excellent place to setup some Somali Pirates scenarios for example.

In this theater its easy to create some African conflicts using MIG fighters and low tech ground troops. Currently the campaigns include modern equipment.


Theoretical 1985 and present day era theater. PMC Tactical Europe Theater Map

Official PMC Europe Theater Forum Area - Theater contains England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Chzekoslovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, parts of Norway, Sweden, finland etc. This theater is 128 segment sized.

This is really good for NATO vs Warsaw Pact scenario back in the old days, most of the falcons aircraft's suit the theater directly. Main focus of this theater is the 1985 Cold War but it includes also 1990 - 1995 and up to the present day campaign scenarios.

Europe 32 lite

PMC Tactical Europe 32 Theater Map

This theater is 32 segment size which is twice the smaller than default Korea theater. Europe 32 is not to replace normal Europe theater but its nice for those more action shooter guys who want to take off and be immediately firing missiles. Action is very packed in this tiny theater.

Theater is located in just west of Berlin, Germany and will contain fictional 1985 Cold War forward line of troops in our campaign.


PMC Tactical Falklands Theater Map

Falklands theater contains Argentina, Chile and Falklands islands (under United Kingdom). Our goal is to create historical Falklands war in this theater as well as new fictional campaigns.

The ocean around the Falklands islands gives very interesting new naval warfare opportunities for players.

Falklands is the latest Theater in PMC development.


Theoretical theater. PMC Tactical Georgia Theater Map

Official PMC Georgia Theater Forum Area. Soviet and Georgia conflict theater.

This theater is similar to original Korea due its land mass shape, its quite narrow in the center of the theater coordinates.

Georgia has some rugged mountain areas where the fighting takes place. Our campaign includes high intensity action over the forward line of troops.


Theoretical theater. PMC Tactical Iran Theater Map

Iran theater was created because the real life events proceed dangerously to a conflic as Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

This theater uses Desert Storm terrain tiles as they are such similar landscapes.

PMC is developing this theater alongside with Desert Storm as they are so similar in region, terrain and they actually overlap in theater space.

Korea 128

Theoretical. PMC Tactical Korea 128 Theater Map

Enhanced Korean Terrain, EKT. This is the terrain what some people in F4UT were planning on, but that project never materialized, so PMC to the rescue.

New Korean theater in development to replace the old MicroProse made Korea. So much data edits have been made by F4UT and there are some unrealistic elements in default Korea so the Korea 128 will fix all that.

Theater includes present day campaigns as well as 1970 era aircrafts and equipment campaigns.

This theater includes those far away Japanese airbases which were never included in default Korea theater due its size. Also China plays big role in this one as its land mass covers most of the theater.


Theoretical theater. PMC Tactical Kurile Theater Map

Official PMC Kurile Theater Forum Area. This theater is using Korea tile-set.

As with Taiwan theater's campaigns, we can only simulate beach invasions in this terrain as the land masses aren't connected.

Did you know that this theater was included in the original Falcon 3.0 sim many years ago. It was in fact one of the reasons why we decided to develop this theater.


Theoretical theater. PMC Tactical Libya Theater Map

Official PMC Libya Theater Forum Area. This theater is using Korea tiles at initial development phase, it has a campaign so there is some action for players but naturally we cannot recreate the F-14 Tomcat's shooting down Libyan MIG-23's in Falcon 4 campaign engine, you'll have to create Tactical Engagement mission for that.

Our campaign includes air strikes from US carriers into Libyan targets, this is fictional type scenario.

Anyone wants to re-create that famous F-14 Tomcat shootdown of two Libyan's MIG's? With this theater you can easily accomplish that using Tactical Engagement.


Training grounds. PMC Tactical Nevada Theater Map

Initial Com GP's Nevada Theater Homepage and Com GP Nevada Theater Homepage 2 - And now our Official PMC Nevada Theater homepage.

Nevada Theater contains Nevada, Northern Arizona, Southern Utah, East of California. This is the training grounds for United States Air Force and it will be nice addition to the Falcon family of theaters in its own unique way. A place to train and hone your skills, to prepare you for a real war fought in other theaters.

Nevada has custom tile-set to provide you that desert look what can be found in Nellis training area. Nevada theater brings back memories from Falcon 3.0 Red Flag. Terrain is very interesting in Nevada also which will keep your interest up.

Theater includes four (4) different theaters (heh), basic Nevada, Blue on Blue, Mixed and Red on Red aircrafts and equipment.


Theoretical theater. PMC Tactical Taiwan Theater Map

Taiwan was made by PMC due the many requests for this theater over the time. Its a 64 segment theater with Korean tiles. There is three campaigns from easy to hard.

Campaign is difficult in this theater because Taiwan is small island next to China, we can simulate beach invasions from Chinese forces using reinforcements feature. Other than that, it will be high tense air war over the ocean between these two countries.


Historical / Theoretical theater. PMC Tactical Ukraine Theater Map

Ukraine conflict was on the news much of 2015, this is the theater to simulate that conflict. Its a 64 segment theater with Korean tiles. There is three campaigns from easy to hard.

The real conflict was fought with weapons and equipment which doesn't really fit Falcon 4 dynamic campaign engine, so main focus here is fictional campaigns, however we try to make F4 engine work with historical specs as well.


Historical theater. PMC Tactical Vietnam Theater Map

Official PMC Vietnam Theater Forum Area.

Vietnam theater is 128 segments. Vietnam contains heavy and violent war scenario, many people have thought Falcon 4 engine to be more like Vietnam war than Gulf War for example. Indeed when you pilot F-4E fighter against the SAM-2 sites and multiple AAA sites around in the North Vietnam it makes you blood chill. Downtown Hanoi is very dangerous place to fly as it is so heavily defended with multiple sam sites and AA guns, also it is very flat terrain giving no place to duck for cover.

Currently uses Korean tile-set. Includes historical 1965 and fictional present day theaters.