Falcon 4 Downloads

Released Theaters

Afghanistan, Desert Storm, Eritrea, Europe, Europe 32, Georgia, Iran, Korea 128, Kurile, Libya, Nevada, Taiwan and Vietnam theaters are available for download in our Falcon 4 PMC Theaters page.

PMC.Korea.Campaigns.rar PMC Korea Campaigns. Three campaigns made with Tacedit TCL scripts. Example scripts included.

Aegean forum PMC Aegean theater located in the forum.

Tools / Utilities

TheaterMaker-03.rar Theater Maker utilities, by Dr. Fred Balding. Details here

F4Browse_v2.31.rar F4Browse v2.31 This program opens (and modifies) most of the files in terrdata\objects directory.

tacedit.v2.48.rar Tacedit reads campaign, tac and trn files. Creates weather etc. Now with TCL script support!

TerrainScripts.rar Julian Onions fabulous perl scripts. Including: DEM to .L2 dafafile converter. Use this perl script to convert dem data's to the format that terrainview will read.
Terrain Features scripts: Airport, Label, Road, River, Coast and City data converter. Generates the mentioned data's to terrainview readable Terrain Feature (TDF) format. (Please read our Terrain Tutorial for details here).

terrainview.v1.55.rar TerrainView v1.55 - View the terrain (and edit it).

Also you can download
CATE.v4.17.rar Configurable Auto Tiling Enhancer v4.15
Ultimate Auto Tiling Tool by Skyfire. Simply too much to list, check out out CATE tutorial for more information.

dem2terrain.v1.9.rar dem2terrain - THE util to convert DEM data to Falcon format. Extremely fast, extremely cool. by Julian Onions.

f4p_texman-1-15.rar F4Patch Texture Manager v1.15 by MRivers

LODEditor610.rar LODEditor v6.1.0 read more details here

cockpited.v1.28.rar 2D Cockpit Editor for Falcon 4

Bmp2Cvs.rar BMP to CSV utility by Skyfire, details from here

SkyfireTacRefEditor_v2.rar TacRef Editor v2.01

AF_LxNormalFix.rar LxNormalFix v1.5.2 by Fred "BaldEagle" Balding.

FeatureMaker1.5.tar.gz Feature Maker v1.5 generates TDF files for CATE

cockpitEditor-4.0.4.tar.gz Cockpit Editor v4.0.4 by Seifer

F4AF_F4Browse_v2.5.rar F4Browse v2.5 for Falcon 4 Allied Force ONLY!

lstupdate_v1.0.2.2.rar Theater.lst update util v1.0.2.2 by Malc

CSV2TDF.rar Convert Tacedit airbase CSV file to Terrainview airbase TDF by Sherlock

ATAP_v1.1.rar ATAP v1.1

THR_Creator_64_128.rar Phoenix711 THR Creator

f4restool_1.2.rar F4ResTool v1.2 by Khronik PMC Tactical UIResTool New File

Documentation / Manuals

HowToReplaceCountryFlags.rar How to replace country flags tutorial by Schumi, See also web illustration of this tutorial.

TerrainDocs.rar Manfred "Schumi" Nelles - TerrainView Installation and use, also Scott Eddy's Terrain Primer 101. These will get you started on Terrainview usage and Tiling maps.

CATE.v4.15.Readme.rar Configurable Auto Tiling Enhancer v4.15 Manual 4.5mb

F4CampaignCreationrev2.rar Campaign Creation for Falcon 4.0, author Chris Carter.

CATE_configs.rar Quicksilver's CATE conf files for Korean Texture.bin

Phoenix711_PMC_tools_06-11-09.rar Phoenix711 PMC theater tools Visual Basic sources released under GPL.

CATE.v4.17.VB.Source.rar CATE v4.17 Visual Basic Sources.

TilingAssignmentSheets.rar Excel sheets for tiling assignments.

Use RAR to unpack these downloads