Falcon 4.0 Europe 32 Theater

Background of Europe 32.PMC Europe 32 Theater Map
The good old cold war scenario, NATO versus Warsaw Pact forces. Red Storm type of warfare right in the middle of European landscape. This is very small 32 segment theater which is twice smaller than default Korea. This makes the action very tights and fast paced. You could call this a "Europe Lite" so to speak.

Europe 32 was created just to put player into very action paced environment, the campaigns include BLUFOR and OPFOR airbases which are just few miles of each other. There is very little ingress / egress flight time. Of course depending on the target you could fly maybe even 100 miles, but it is rare.

Size and Coordinates
These are the technical details of European theater.
Size (L2 segments): 32 x 32
Size (L2 tiles): 512 x 512
Size (Nautical Miles): 276.188 x 276.188
Resolution: 0.134858 Nautical Miles
Centered on: Lat 51 Long 11
NW: Lat 53.3016 Long 7.14866
NE: Lat 53.3016 Long 14.8513
SW: Lat 48.6984 Long 7.51289
SE: Lat 48.6984 Long 14.4871
Highest point: 4509ft

Currently textures (tiles) are the default Korean, which suits pretty OK for europe landscape.

Theater objectives includes all important civilian and military airbases, all capital cities and tons of village types. Army bases, depots, radar stations, sam sites, headquarters can be expected to be found on the landscape. The campaign that comes with the theater package is basic East versus West type with all the hardware that can be found on Falcon 4 database.

Version and Download
Latest version can be found from Falcon 4.0 PMC Theaters page.