VIETNAM THEATER v0.8 public beta testing page

Latest update - December 27th, 1004hrs - (GMT+2)

This page will be updated for any info we gather at BETA FORUM area!

Latest bugs found:
- Mig-17 cannot be killed. Database shows damage 0 by any weapon.
- B-52's dont show up on the Tactical Engagement.
- Mig-17 cant be selected from the campaign.
- Some objectives in water at coords: x1063,y999. x1083,y986. x1096,y966.

Bugs fixed since v0.8 beta:
- none

Known bugs:
- Flags missing/wrong from OOB and Intel screens.
- Squadron patches default Korean.
- ATC voices default Korean.
- No airbase background tiles (but they should be leveled).
- Textures / tiles look horrible.
- Ground units are mostly standing still.

System requirements for full Vietnam v0.8 beta theater installation: 1000mb hd space. SP3 install.

Its been internally tested here with Windows 98SE, Window 2000 Professional and works OK. However its essential that you do not have spaces in the falcon directory/path name. We would really like to hear any and all comments on any odd behavior during installation.
Also remember to test UNINSTALL, does it cleanly remove all files that it installed. Your own TE missions and campaign savegames will not be deleted by this installer. Make sure that after uninstall the terrdata\theaterdefinition\vietnam.tdf (and vietnam2.tdf) entries will be removed from theaters.lst file (theaters.lst is on falcon root directory).

INSTANT ACTION (does not contain ground objectives, meaning targets, houses etc.)
can different parts of the map be selected? does high mountains crash immediately in 3d start?

can missions be created normally? can missions be flown normally? Does it lag?

CAMPAIGN (both historical + fictional)
does campaign 2d seem to work OK? does all selected squadrons schedule flights? does campaign CTD? will either campaign be won too easily by US / SVNAM forces? will any campaign be won at all? Does the ground units move move at all? are ground units on ocean or on river tiles?

As said the textures/tiles are very bad at this time. We will continue to rework the tile-set and new tiles should arrive soon. Even though the tiles look bad, they are still placed correctly in the terrain. The large rivers near Hanoi and in South Vietnam should be evaluated, are (they are!) too wide? any suggestions of how to improve them? Are any cities or airbases in the river/ocean tiles?

Check out that you get the historical loadouts for Vietnam 1965-1972 war. Good suggestion that something is wrong if you see AIM-120B missiles listed in loadout screen. Some bombs and missiles do not show up in the loadout UI, this is SP3 data issue. If you have any suggestions of how to tweak the database, let us know.

Bug reporting!
Basically if you are beta tester it means that you know your way around falcon (theaters), but we are all humans (except Widowmaker and rest of PMC weirdoes) and forget stuff so check the FAQ page.
When you report a problem, take the location coordinates with possible screenshots (JPG please). Keyboard command CTRL-Z-L will activate the constantly updating coordinates in top-right corner of the screen. When taking screenshots, make sure the coordinates are visible! If you cannot otherwise provide clear and direct location (for example DA NANG, doh) of the problem area, you must get the coordinates for us. And yes, you CAN report already existing bugs.

Please report all bugs or issues and suggestions to our VIETNAM SP3 v0.8 public beta forum area!

Thank you for the help testing this theater. It will be much better because guys like you reporting :)