Falcon 4 Frequently Asked Questions, Theater FAQ

SuperPAK SP theater FAQ

Q: When I run the installer, it says theater is already installed, WHY?
A: Is it? Have you installed the same theater earlier and then for example Uninstalled Falcon but forgot to uninstall the theater? If so, use windows Start -> Run -> regedit to CTRL-F search the theater string like "SP Europe Theater" or what ever is the theater name. If any matches are found, simply delete them, reboot your computer and try to install the theater again. You can find more details here

Q: I cannot see the new theater in the Theater Switcher menu?
A: If you did install it properly, use notepad (or similar text editor) to open theater.lst file in falcon directory, make sure you have line there for your theater. For example Europe make sure there is:


If this line is missing, theater will not show up in the Falcon in game Theater Switcher. For full compatibility with Korean theater the file should read:

Don't ask me why Korea is with / path marks and Europe is the other way around :)

Q: I installed the theater, when I run falcon it gives me this:
ERROR 81 c:\falcon4\graphics\terrain\tlevel.cpp dec 9 1999
A: Terrain files are not build for some reason, you must run SPTinstall.exe in falcon dir to rebuild them.

If your falcon dir does not have this program, you can download it here. Unzip it to your falcon dir, click the SPTinstall.exe and browse to your theater directory, for example terrdata\DesStorm and then click Create to start terrain rebuilding process. This will take some time depending on your CPU speed. Usual cause for this is to install theaters to directory that contains spaces. Do not install falcon like that!

Q: In 128 theater campaign selection screen, I cannot see all Squadrons/Airbase???
A: Make sure your Falcon 4 User Interface screen resolution is 1024x768 because 128 theaters need the extra space in the screen. All the new fine UI graphics are ONLY for 1024x768 resolution.

eFalcon v1.10 and 108i2 + RP5 theater FAQ

Q: I did *everything* according to install instructions, still the theater do not show up on F4Patch selections, what's wrong?
A: Make sure the F4Patch finds the Theater files, I need to select the Tools -> Change Working Directory... and reselect the F4Patch directory, then it will find the correct patches.

Q: I installed the theater, when I run falcon it gives me this:
ERROR 81 c:\falcon4\graphics\terrain\tlevel.cpp dec 9 1999
A: run ntF4PTinstall.exe in your falcon directory, select the theater that gives you this error and click create.

You can download the ntF4PTinstall package here.

- Unpack Tinstall.rar to your falcon dir.
- Make sure you have Desert Storm applied with F4Patch.
- Run ntF4PTinstall.exe and click Create.

Make sure the path is correct, if you have ODS applied with F4Patch it will point to the right directory. If not, you need to manually select it. It should point to the falcondir\terrdata\DesStorm where falcondir is your... ehm directory where the falcon is installed. By default this is like C:\MicroProse\Falcon4\ I think (never used it personally).

After you click Create, it starts to rebuild the terrain. This rebuild takes some time depending on your CPU/HD speed, be patient. The manual says you need to wait at least 10 minutes of no HD activity before trying to reboot etc if you think its failed. To me Tinstall has never failed by locking up, if it fails it will clearly display "Failed" text on the screen.

After it has rebuilt the terrain files you are free to start up falcon and try to fly.

Q: When I fly in the sim, terrain is drawn in kind of "BOX" around me and its changing, like water turning into normal ground, what's wrong?
A: Must be the fartiles limit. There are more tiles (textures) in the terrain you are flying, than falcon engine supports. This will be fixed at the eFalcon v1.10 release.

Q: I get the error messages:

Failed to Apply Patch Operation Desert Storm--File Mismatch

D:\Microprose\Falcon4\campaign\save\strings.idx does not match
D:\MICROPROSE\FALCON4\F4Patch\orig\strings.idx.orig or

what is wrong?
A: You need to unapply the Realism Patch Strings from F4Patch.

Q: I get lot of CTDs (crash to desktop) on when using eFalcon v1.10 + RP 5 COMBO, why is that?
A: Vietnam and ODS works extremely poorly with eF 1.10+RP5 COMBO.
Install eFalcon v1.10 only OR 108i2+RP5 only.

Q: I installed your theater but the Tinstall will not start automatically!?!
A: That's because your falcon directory path contains spaces. DO NOT INSTALL anything on path that has spaces, its NON STANDARD format. Meaning "C:\Program Files\Microprose\Falcon4" is WRONG. Uninstall falcon and re-install it to "C:\FALCON4" or what ever you prefer without spaces.