Operation Flashpoint Screenshots and War Stories

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PMC Strike Eagle, 02-17-02 (LAN) Raze, Snake Man

This was Raze's first experience in Strike Eagle and I thought it would be cool to let him have the command as he has no experience in the enemy strenghts and weaknesses. The beginning was pretty ok operation from US, Raze got really excited over the radio comms and I had to calm him down a few times. I can't blame the guy, taking cover behind a building when four T-72's are rolling into the area is not actually a calming experience for anyone. Anyways, some time in the mission Raze informed me that he is going to take A-10 and kill some tanks. Ok so when I few minutes later to the base with an Apache there was a weird sight to see. Apparently Raze has no knowledge of how to operate the tank killing A-10 Warthog...

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot A-10 Driver

The guy had run the A-10 near to the building and to top of that fired a Maverick into the wall WHAM! Of course he was there to explain all sorts of Maveric firing malfunctions and garbage like that... but with the traditional way we had to make Salute out of this. So here we go, good work Raze!

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot A-10 Salute

PMC Armoured, 02-??-02 (LAN) Mozart, Snake Man

We have another situation where the PMC boys are hiding from sniper, that darn sniper! We were running with the machine gun jeep into the fuel depot while I heard sniper rifle shot from the east, before we got to reach the shot impacted the jeep, apparently blowing a tire from it. We ran or drove into the side of the road and the shots just kept raining in. Bang... ZUP. Bang... ZUP. the Jeep was taking hits. We were taking cover behind the jeep and wondered what the hell can we do.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Sniper Hide

Fortunately Mozart had M113 filled with guys and it was heading towards us, saving our butts. Ok the mission proceeded and we were finally attacking the enemy base where some interesting positions developed for me. We hit the base with LAW's and then went into hiding (the usual tactic), well I got around to RPG reloading and finally closed in the ridge line, only to be confronted with enemy tank which I took out from pretty close range. That only got the Russians mad, we had another tank roaming into the location angrily searching for the bastard who killed hes friends. Ok I did not have time to run for safety anymore so I had to take cover behind the tank wreck. Now the T80 is just the other side of the wreck while I duck for cover about 5 meters away with an RPG. Do I shoot him? its not a safe place to launch RPG in that distance... :)

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Shoot or not?

PMC Strike Eagle, 02-??-02 (LAN) Mozart, Snake Man

Mozarts first firefight in Strike Eagle was enjoyable experience I've heard. Here is one scenario where I did run out of AT ammo and we sat down on the Meaux (already cleared out) with Blackhawk me running into some dead Russian RPG soldier to pickup ammo. When I was collecting the rocket propelled grenades from the poor guy I hear Mozart on the radio "Incoming BMP!". I was like relax guy he is still far away. Ok done picking up ammo when Mozart shouts over the radio that BMP sighted and hes gotta go (he is piloting Blackhawk sitting westside of Meaux city. Well here is the action shot from the moment when I'm running to the bird...

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Dont leave me!

Man that was tense to be left behind in the mercy of incoming enemy armor!

OK lets move along with the mission. Another scenario came when I was approaching the AAA site up in the hill north of Entre Deux, I was asking Mozart to get ready for extraction or close air support. He did announce some very confusing situation reports from the north while I was sitting under a tree in engagement distance of the fearsome Shilka. Finally the radio messages made no sense and was just shouting until...

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Black Hawk Down

I got shocking radio message from Mozart... "Black Hawk Down". I tell you, that image was instant legend, at least for me. There I was behind enemy lines hiding enemies not more than 100m away and my support has just went down for who knows what reason. This is war and it gets you fucking killed!

PMC Armoured, 02-11-02 (LAN) Mozart, Snake Man

First mission went bad, my team got wasted in the fuel depot, I stole a Ural truck and started to head bad to field HQ and at that time Mozart was killed also, I heard the "Man down, Man down!" calls on the radio all right... When I was running full speed to our base with the Ural, suddently behind a curve there was our reinforcements... and not time to break to avoid collision. BANG.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Car crash!

The Ural slammed head on to the NATO 5t truck and that was the end of the line for our reinforcements... man, I barely escape the enemy fire and then get to an auto accident? uh.

In second mission our plan included Mozart inserting my team into enemy territory with Blackhawk and then joining me with M1A1 abrams. All went nicely and the first city to be cleared was empty, we get to the fuel depot and took out the T80 with LAW's. Mozart was engaging enemies while advancing to fuel depot, when he got out from the abrams, he was looking kind of bad.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Mozart, hurt.

Of course he was fit to salute (they always are). The we called the reinforcements which arrived and I loaded the LAW launcher, went to ambush the patrolling BMP which exploded nicely. But that got the attention of enemy sniper and bang... I was dead before I got the LAW tube in my back.

"Alpha to Charlie. We got enemy sniper due east from fuel depot!" went onto the voice comms. We then wanted to be safe when hunting the bastard down and got M113 to drive us around. First we went to the location where Alpha Black 1 got sniped, we took a look around the M113 corners...

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot PMC boys hiding

We drove around and looked all around, no luck. No sniper anywhere, where could he go? Finally we just gave up as the sneaky sniper was missing. Ok when we boarded Russian ammo truck to get around faster (had to do some Recon near the Russian base) we came under sniper fire immediately after leaving the fuel depot. I steered away from the sniperfire sounds and Mozart got so scared he jumped out almost killing himself exposed like that, when he go safely back inside the truck we drove so that the back end of the truck was facing the sniper (he could not shoot the driver/passangers). Then the gloves got off... we boarded the M1A1 Abrams and the search for sniper continued. Finally we found him amazingly in pretty plain sight, Mozart with HEAT cannon round finished him off.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Mozart got sniper kill!

That was smooth one, using tank agains a sniper. Well what ever works. And the traditional PMC salute over a victory/mistake etc. That mission ended when Mozart's team got wasted totally and final battle with the armor in Russian base destroyed our abrams, all in all a very good mission.

PMC Armoured, 02-07-02 (InterNet) Mozart, Snake Man

This was almost all day multiplayer in the net with Mozart, of course being holiday Mozart had the basic setup of "BEER IS THE ANSWER" and had few too many... resulting some friendly fire.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Hmm sorry? :)

I was closing in the enemy positions, letting Mozart know that we stay left side of the road and "FOLLOW ME"... well about 40 seconds later I saw in the command view when Mozart came after me over the ridgeline, noticed me and my LAW soldier... OPENED FIRE killing my LAW soldier and before I got anything done the three round bursts ripped through my back, killing me instantly. OK. One more lesson that you should not take part on military operations while drinking BEER :)

PMC Strike Eagle, 11-17-01 (LAN) Robot, Snake Man

This was very exciting and pure adrenaline rush of a mission. These kind of missions are what PMC is all about. So lets begin with tactics. We decided to use the good CAS tactic, so Robot went into UH-60 Blackhawk as pilot and I took four men to go with me on a recon mission. Always when I'm leaving for dangerous mission, I like to take a good look at the home base, just in case its my last...

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Last look

When we were flying into enemy territory, sitting in the chopper, watching the men you are commanding... you somehow got to figure if some of these guys are going to get killed in this mission. maybe even all, maybe even you? Yeah, gotta stop these thoughts to clutter up my mind, I gotta be on the edge when encountering the Russians.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Looking at my men

So when the radio made the static sound indicating we are closing in to the LZ, the mind were quickly going into the War Mood believe me. So here we were, well behind enemy lines to be inserted into Recon mission, small five men squad. The insertion was conducted with very fast and efficient manner. The squad would "eject" from the chopper when its hovering just few meters above the ground, this way we dont go through the buggy and slow disembarking procedure. All the men are ejected from the chopper instantly, freeing the pilot to fly into safety. This time though, something went seriously wrong, I dont exactly know what happened but the Number 4 in our squad, the LAW soldier must have been hitting the ground too hard or something as he instantly died upon impact. Our first casualty of this war... yet we did not have time to mourn.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot First casualty

We had a job to do. And we were going to do it! Slowly and using stealth we climbed into the high hill where the AAA site was located, there was the Shilka vehicle and AA soldier to back it up. We engaged the shilka and soldiers, first I approached the soldiers from the north - coming from their right side (they both were looking at west). I shot them both and then pulled out LAW to deal with the remaining shilka. It didn't go as planned, the LAW hit in the ridgeline before impacting the vehicle, so time to hit the dirt and go around. When near the 6 o'clock of the shilka, another try and this time my LAW rocket impacted the shilka and turned it into piece of scrap metal. it was real fast strike as they did not have a clue we were coming. Now the AAA site was down, we made lot of noise when taking it down so I had to vacate the area ASAP, I radioed Robot that the AAA site was eliminated and he is free to fly with the helicopters. Then we started to run into downhill to the direction of north-east, on about middle of the large open area when I started to hear track sounds from armoured vehicle(s). Oh yeah thats nice thing to hear, angry Russians chasing us with armor when we are in the wide open, hrr. But we had the advantage this time and in no time we were laying down prone in the nearest forest area, it was soon after the first BMP arrived into the hill where the AAA site was once located. I started to give FAC info to Robot who was in the air with Apache, heading our way. It was really scary at that moment, being behind enemy lines with small recon squad just us four poor guys hiding under the trees when enemies were who knows every direction of us looking for the cause of the death and destruction of their AAA site (again, which game gives you this feeling?). The BMP then started to approach us and that time I felt like, ok, now he knows where we are, stupid stupid game how can the bmp know where we are when he was kilometers away when we ducked for cover this sucks.... .. hmm ... but... no... the BMP... drives past just 200meters from our posit and heads north. Holy Moly that was scary, I almost lost my faith to the game engine :) Ok then the BMP stopped, looked around for a second and turned back, it raced again straight besides our hiding place and started to run uphill...

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot BMP running past us

... just as it was closing in the top of the hill BOOOM! there comes Robot with the AH-64 Apache gunship and fires hellfire missile to the BMP. Yeah! It appeared to be mechanized infantry platoon and the troops inside the BMP managed to escape (well most of them), I was using binoculars to give correct targeting information for Robot in the Apache and in no time the enemy soldiers were leveled in the loud explosions of the FFAR rockets from Apache.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Infantry from BMP    Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Robot engaging

Robot continued to engage targets and he called incoming T-72 tanks, at that time I was moving towards the small village in the south-east. I heard the loud explosions from the engagement with the tanks and just had a wish that none of those tanks dont escape in our direction, yet I kind of felt safe as the mighty Apache is the most powerfull machine in the Flashpoints arsenal. Having that on your side already chasing the enemies, well let's just say the enemy tanks had their handsfull with the helo. By the time our recon squad arrived in the vicinity of the village, all the T-72's were burning wrecks and Apache joined us to provide some CAS. We actually find two enemy soldiers occupying the buildings, Apache took out one of them but the other escaped. Then we started to head towards west where Entre Deux city was located, in which time it started to rain bringing the visibility down a lot. Soon the missing enemy soldier decided to pop up - only to be popped down by our M60 machinegunner. In the ridgeline we were jumped by four enemy soldiers as its very hard to hear footsteps in all that rain. Luckily we capped all of them without anyone in our team getting wounded. The firefight lasted like 10 seconds I think. In the city we examined the work of Robot in the Apache.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Battle Damage Assesment

Next we moved slowly into the west in the direction of the large city, Montignac. Robot called on the radio that he sees enemy forces in the city and hes engaging. Another set of loud explosions carried out from the grey landscape in which the rain made it miserable environment to operate as a Recon team. We were quite amazed when the whole city was leveled by the Apache alone, there was no need to ground troops. We moved into the city only to found out two destroyed BMP's and few bodies of enemy soldiers. At this time Robot called for rearming and asking for permission to leave the area and leave us alone in the city, permission granted. Only like minute later that decision started to feel like a dumb one... sound of incoming BMP. Oh great, again we are in the mist of danger, yes we did have two soldiers with LAW's but being behind enemy lines hiding without support, its not exactly a normal procedude to start blow things up if you know what I mean. We still continued to have superb luck, the BMP came from the east, took a brief look at the city (we were of course laying prone hiding wishing for the best) and continued driving fast in the direction of north where our airbase was located. Soon after Robot radioed in that hes finished rearming and is taking off, a minute later the radio call was dispatched that one BMP is history. cool. Our recon team then moved towards city of Gravette, due north-west from Montignac. Finally the city silhuette started to show from the rain (it was raining hard this time with thunder) and we approached cautiously, Apache was not in immediate area at this time as there were some tank radar contacts that Robot was intercepting. Before I knew it there were two bursts from AK-74 and number two (machine gunner) was hit, he dropped to the ground and was hit again. He died right there. Shit! time to move in to cover behind the first building, we were not in the city area. The shots came from center of the city and I moved towards it in the main street, while two remaining soldiers approached behind the buildings from south. Another bursts from the russian made assault rifle, the sounds came from just behind the building now. Also I heard the sound what the bullets make when they hit someone, I was wishing that it was not what I heard... but soon after the last men of my squad radioed that another soldier was down. I had fired some cover fire before and did so again, then I moved along the mainstreet and came up around the corner of the building and there he was, russian soldier hiding behind a camo net that was thrown over a Fuel truck and Uaz. I took quick aim, pressed the trigger and BANG. Only one shot came out and it missed... Shit the magazine was empty, quickly behind the building and reload... I came around the corner and shot wildly in the vicinity of the enemy soldier, emptied whole clip there 30 shots. again behind cover and reload, came around to corner and took aim... but... the enemy soldier was fleeing, just saw him run behind the camo net and trees. holy shit, where is he going, hes capped almost whole of my squad!? Maybe he got hit from my bursts or something, but he was running to north. I radioed the situation to Robot who was just finishing the engagement with the incoming tanks, that I'm pursuing the fleeing soldier due north of Gravette. Robot radioed in that hes on the way to the Gravette too. With my last squad mate we started to chase down the running soldier when Apache arrived to the area, I ran about hundred meters to the north and then, AK-74 bursts coming from east which took down my last man. Ok now this is going all to hell! time to take cover and fight for my life. I radioed the Apache to aggressively search the area for any movement (I was well hidden and stationary under a tree well camouflaged). There was no movement, no sound at all except the miserable rain. I was hiding and listening under the tree for few minutes while the gunship hungrily scanned the terrain for anything to shot at. Still nothing, nothing but rain... talking about nerve wrecking stuff. Then Apache detected yet again another blips on the radar screen (most likely tanks) approaching from the south and he flew towards them leaving me sitting under the tree alone. Ok, time for hiding is over, I gotta move. Low crawl around the area listening to anything remotely sounding like a footstep... still nothing, yet I thought I heard it a lot, getting kind of freaked out being in behind enemy lines constantly in fear of engagement and death. Apache was giving reports that there are in fact four T-80 tanks rolling in the direction of north, he was engaging them. After a long time searching the landscape and listening, I finally got something from south-east which definitely was footsteps, now we're getting somewhere. Footsteps grew louder... oh... and ok, so we have now footsteps coming from north-east too! Oh my. Another set of nerve wrecking waiting and there they were, two enemy soldiers came to my view from the south-east. They were walking weapons in their back down at the Gravette (I was uphill looking down), I decided to wait for clean shot as it was my last clip on M16 assault rifle. Yeah believe me it was situation allright... behind enemy lines, alone, no support, only 30 shots of our beloved NATO 5.56 ammunition in the magazine, enemy soldiers walking nearby. Ok two soldiers in view at now moving to my west side, still footsteps (growing louder) from the north-east and to top of that... sounds of tracks, an incoming TANK! Ok, this is about worst it can be, I was already thinking of bailing out of the area or hiding deep into some bush/forest, but there was no time for that now. I radioed nervously to Robot that I'm into some deep shit here, come to the Gravette immediately.
Incoming tank on north-west! The tank seemed to be some leftover from Apache onslaught as it had the turred all blacked out burnt to scrap metal. It now passed me from the west. When the tank passed me, Robot arrive to the scene at which time the enemy soldiers who were standing still started to run around.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot tank     Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot in sights

First soldier started to run towards south passing me from the west, but another ran directly towars me from the north-west. I was laying prone so he didn't detect me on all that rain and he was like in 10 meters when I double tapped him killing him instantly. Then I took aim to the other soldier running away and fired, miss... miss... miss.. damn he is on long range already. I had my last 5 shots in the clip when he was just running up the ridgeline far away soon to be diseappearing behind it, I fired until my last clip emptied. Now everything went silent. I waited there few moments looking through my sights over where the enemy disappeared. It was dead silent (except of course the rain) and then I realized, ok one solider is taken down and the tank is no longer here, but hell... I'm out of ammo sitting in this bush behind enemy lines! So it was time to move, and to move quickly, I ran into the ridge line (thinking of it now, why there?) to see where the last soldier is going, but when I got there he was lying dead just behind the ridge. It must have been my last shot that capped him, talking about luck. I picked up the AK-74 and ammo from the dead Russian and loaded up. Started silently move towards east where the last enemy footsteps were heard. Robot was still engaging the enemy tanks running now out of ammo fast, he was down to 30mm Chaingun. I came up to the road going to Montignac, started to hear those footsteps again, went hiding into the bush and waited. At this time I called Robot for an extraction. I felt like I had pushed my luck well beyond reasonable limits in the Flashpoint world. I believe it was truely amazing that I was still alive in this point and I'd like it to keep it that way. Robot replied that he is exchaning the Apache to Blackhawk and extraction is not imminent. Ok so I'm stuck here. Time to keep a very low profile, which this nice bush suited perfectly.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Recon team member Hiding

Enemy footsteps coming from the north, from Montignac. I waited nervously hoping that please don't come to my way... and there they were, coming along the road weapons on their back, two soldiers and one machinegunner. Walking directly towards me as the road went about 2 meters from the bush I was hiding. The soldiers were approaching and last posit report from Robot indicated that hes just changing the choppers. Damn, it looks like I'm for a firefight afterall. Well time to earn my paycheck. I took aim and waited few more seconds...

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Few more secons...     Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot and its over...

Hooayh! three enemy soldiers down! yet who knows what platoons might be lurking nearby, now where is the extraction goddamnit! I was standing in the road beside the dead enemy soldiers wondering what might come next... would I be dead in few moments later by some unexpected enemy? Would some fast moving enemy armoured vehicle run to the direction of the sounds of the shots... right that time I heard a wonderfull sound, the flapping sound of UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters rotors coming from the north and Robot radioing me to get prepared for extractions. Whohuu! You dont have to tell me twice! Time to get out of dodge for good.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot UH60 has landed    Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Step away from safety!

THANK YOU LORD! I can tell you the relief was overwhelming when Blackhawk took of from the enemy soil carrying me to the safety. Holy shit, I can still feel it...

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Liftoff to safety    Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Hands sweating

Okay so when that sensation of relief was over, we were back to the NATO airbase and regrouping. I rearmed myself with LAW's and COLT M-16, then we again boarded Robot piloted Blackhawk and proceeded to the city of Meaux. My team was dropped off just west of the city area, in the beach. We approached the city and there was nobody on sight. Then the Ural truck started to move, getting tired of hiding and lurking around I pulled out the LAW and let the Russian have it. BOOM! there goes the truck and now we have the Meaux city under control. Oh yeah it was finally my time to salute, it seems everybody else is doing it so :)

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot LAW!       Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot My time to salute

When the city was cleared out (gotta be sure) we radioed the Blackhawk to come pick us up. The Landing Zone was picked from the open area due east from the city. We were laying low there when I heard footsteps from south-east. Yes enemy soldiers. The extraction changed immediately to Close Air Support, and we were giving target coordinates to the helo. The enemies were running from the forest south-west end to the north-west end while we fired them wildly. It must have been hell for the enemies in the edge of the woods receiving small arms fire and FFAR rockets from helicopter. Also out of nowhere another T-80 tank popped up, it was our old friend from the Gravette, the blown up turret one. Wonder what the hell he was thinking driving after us, yet the helicopter placed some direct hits on it with the deadly rockets. Tank was history.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Direct hit     Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot CAS & gunfire

Finally it was delayed extraction time. We lost one man on the firefight, it might have even been friendly fire (those AI soldiers are very trigger happy it seems). Anyways all in all successful operation capturing Meaux. Its always kind of magical feeling for me to get extracted from hot LZ. The idea of being under fire, under constant fear of death and in the few seconds when you aboard the extract helo, you liftoff to safety. Its so cool.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Extraction

Time to rearm the Blackhawk and board Robot's and my squads in it. This was now the final test of our ability, the assault for the enemy BASE. We have been so successful on the previous engagements (well not including me on the Gravette:) that it felt like our luck just gotta turn sometime and we all be lying in pool of blood sooner or later, yet we were determined to get the job done and get it done right.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Preparing for final assault

We then took off, flew to far behind enemy lines and landed my squad first while Robot's was still on the helo circling around providing any necessary CAS. There were no enemies on our LZ. So we radioed Robot to land the helo and join us on foot. After the teams were met in the hill north from enemy base location, we started to move very slowly and silently towards it. We went to low crawl and got right into the enemy base gates, it was dead silent. This took us at least 20-30 minutes to crawl like this using stealth, in complete silence. But that silence was broken by one of my team mates radioing "12 O'clock, Enemy Spez Natz 100!", damned speznatz is guarding the base, time to rock'n'roll guys. I ordred open fire and engage at will, which resulted one dead speznatz on the spot, I took out another one and then started to run to the base. Yet my Rock'n'Roll attitude kicked my ass while last remaining spez natz put some well placed shots on my head. Damned to be killed so near the goal, yet we have another lesson on Flashpoint world. Lose the focus, lose the fight. You cannot goddamn get cocky in this game and play rambo/quake rocket arena if you want to live. got it moron? Yeah I do. So in the mean time when I was respawning to another soldier, rest of my team (or was it Robot's difficult to say) capped the last spez naz, then it was just running to the base and clear a decisive victory over enemy Russian foroces. Congratulations teams!

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Victory!         Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Mission stats

PMC Strike Eagle, 11-16-01 (LAN) Robot, Snake Man

This next part is from two missions I think, at least we had some ass kicking time from the enemy AI in Strike Eagle, as matter of fact I have never completed this mission on multiplayer yet (just once on single player). We have tried out few different tactics but no luck, eventually we get cocky and some well hidden / maneuvered enemy kills us. This is the part what I love in Flashpoint... you gotta treat it like real life, the moment you lose focus and alertness, bad things will happen. Anyways, to the mission.
The first tactic was to skip all the heavy armor and choppers, just go with the basics. We took the two squads of men and started to advance carefully. The squads were placed about 100 meters apart, so we could easily support each other. Well in the first enemy contact we easily killed the two soldiers guarding the base, but that engagement dispatched patrolling BMP to our location, it popped up behind the hill Robot was climbing and one of he's men shot it. It was not completely destroyed and it was in fact a Mechanized Infantry platoon. Robot was engaged with the infantry popping out the the back of disabled BMP and I ran like hell to support him. Before I got there all the enemies were gone, good job Robot!

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Robot's BMP kill

Did I mention the engagement dispatched enemies to our location? Well yeah, doh I did not script any enemy support forces in the mission... so what the hell, now as we were all macho and cool guys taking photos of dead enemy soldiers... that noise coming from south... oh yeah, now I get it... its several ENEMY T-72 TANKS. OK.
The T-72's were running high speed and we had pretty much time to take cover behind the closest building, now things are getting pretty bad. Yes we had LAW soldiers and ourselves (squad leaders) had LAW's too. But... four tanks rolling in our way is bad news.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot T-72's circling our posit

The tanks were overwhelming, they were circling around us and shooting machine-guns and cannons, it was horrible, NATO mates dropping like flies... it was a mess. No place to hide from the tanks. We shot our LAW's along with the AI soldiers, we got hits but also few misses, so results were two T-72's disabled and two alive. At some point one of the tanks looked pretty much working and I tried to climb into it, but I dropped right out of it along the alive crew member, which I shot immediately on the back. Two other try's to climb into the tank resulted the same way, ejected out of the tank right away with the alive Russian crew member. Shot them both. Hey they were killing our guys just few seconds ago, don't you tell me that I'm cruel motherfucker for shooting them!

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Battlefield execution

Then Robot's squad was gone... dead... they were all killed by the tanks. Rest of my own team was also totally wiped out, I was only one left alive, the remaining two tanks seemed to be taken some serious hits and were withdrawing (or did not find it useful to chase down one single soldier, dunno). I went to the house to inspect the battledamage and ... it was something out of dantes inferno... bodies everywhere. A gruesome sight.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Bodies everywhere

Okay to the another try of PMC Strike Eagle

This was my normal procedure, to take AH-64 Apache and give some fearsome fire support from the air. First off it was necessary to eliminate the AAA site high on the hill north from Entre Deux. It contains Shilka and some support forces. Here is shot from me after the shilka was blown to bits with Hellfire and I was shooting some leveling fire with FFAR rockets to the support forces, this situation Infantry AA soldier. It does not really show on the screenshot but the soldier actually was located on the right from the smoking shilka wreck, just there were the white smoke plummets from the ground (where my FFAR's hit). The poor guy was flying in through the air due the explosion :)

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Fly baby, fly

Next we have another professional shot. Shot from professionalism. Robot was flying some sortie with the UH-60 Blackhawk and parked it for rearming. OK so when we park helicopters we don't tend to put them on the ground about 2 meters from the nose of another Aircraft! Yeah salute away you freak.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Professional landing

This next shot still scares me... I didn't felt so bad when flying combat sortie at the time, maybe it was me being occupied fighting the enemy or something and not wondering about such things, but... check out the SPEED and ALTITUDE of me flying Nap Of Earth with the Apache gunship. Now that is fast and low baby!

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot NOE, Snake style

Next scenario is when I was on the ground with my squad, Robot was flying CAS on Blackhawk (FFAR loadout). Soon I got some targets to give him, T-72's were approaching from the south, they were rolling about 200meters due east from our location totally overlooking us (infantry is not so easy to pick up on hiding). I called Robot the coordinates and he replied to keep heads down. The first pass was bit off due the fact that he did not exactly know where the tanks were coming. Here is the beautiful view from my posit.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Robot on CAS

The tanks were rolling fast, they passed my team while Robot was chasing them on the Helicopter. They were heading north, towards the NATO base, gosh. I immediately dropped my plan (to attack Meaux) and started to run after the tanks. I was left behind as running is no match for speeding tank, yet they stopped just of our base, it was so close that the end of the runway was visible. This time it started to rain, it was actually building a cloud layer for some time before this, so rain and poor visibility was nevedable. Anyways. Stopped tank is very attractive target, I catched up a slight hill position in which I could see the tanks. I gave exact "FAC" coordinates for Robot something along line "Bravo this is Alpha, we got enemy tanks due southeast of the airbase. Posit bearing northeast from the house. They are sitting right in the middle of the field. No friendly forces in the area, you are free to engage. Get Some. OVER.", Robot replied "Copy that Alpha" and I knew what was coming next. I saw the Blackhawk emerge from the cloudcover approaching the tanks, there was no sounds but I could see the rockets firing from the wing pylons... smoke trails leading into the field where the tanks were, ending up in a bright orange fireball. Just a second(s) later I heard this "BO BO BO BOOOOM!" sound as the rockets hit directly to the eastern tank.
My goodness it was beautiful and impressive sight to witness !

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Direct hit!

(I must note that this is one the the motherfucking cool features of Operation Flashpoint, what game offers you a chance to be on the ground, guide and witness an fire support from the HUMAN controlled AIRCRAFT? The feeling of your buddy to save you from the enemy hands with flying a helo and destroying powerful tanks... It is one of the most impressive situations you can experience in multiplayer gaming. Trust me).

Then we were off to load up and ready two helos to battle the enemy tanks, which just seemed to come from nowhere. We decided to take both Blackhawk and Apache in the air at the same time. Here we are rearming the birds to the forthcoming battle.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Rearming helos

Sometime later we were clearing out the hospital, Robot was pilot and I was gunner on the AH-64 Apache gunship. The power of this helicopter is just something that makes you go gasp for breath. Its so powerful that you almost think its bringing unbalance to the game. Howere, there we were looking down the enemy encampment at the hospital, poor sons of bitches they were just starting to look up in the sky what was the sound when I opened up on the 30MM Chaingun. Rest is just pure death & destruction.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot 30mm chaingun Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Deadly results

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot BMP trying to hide

Here I was, flying solo with the Blackhawk. The enemy tanks were creeping up the landscape but when I got them into the sights of FFAR loaded UH-60, well ... in the heat of the battle when shooting enemy tanks, I heard on the radio Robot calling for immediate evac from the Meaux. He was on the foot there alone, hearing tank sounds coming from the south. I flew to the Meaux and radioed him to show up on the open area east from the city so I can land and pick him up. When I started to descent I got view from enemy main battle tank T-80 heading our way in approx. 800 meters. It was just about range to fire on us, so I had to move quickly. Briefly I suggested Robot to hurry up on the evac to get moving, as we did not have much time for "sightseeing". We get him onboard safely and lift off, heading back to our airbase.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot FFAR strike     Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Robot evac

Near the airbase we noticed that there are full platoon of enemy T-80's rolling towards it, it was total chaos from that point on. I checked the FFAR loadout of the Blackhawk, the indicator was telling me we have 0 rockets onboard. DAMN! I immediately queried Robot if we got anything on the Apache where he told me that the Apache is gone (? what the heck), then I jumped into the A-10 Warthog and started to roll down the runway. About in the middle of the runway something started to appear in the horizon... oh no its the T-80's rolling down on our base! Before I even get anything said in the radio KABOOM! and the A-10 was history.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot T-80's in the horizon

So I was dead. It really pissed me off as I was like second or two away from takeoff and that, ladies and gentlemen, would have meant quick death to the T-80's from the sky. Anyways I respawned into another squad member and took the duties of him, I jumped into the Blackhawk and took off (amazing that I lived that), I radioed Robot to bring one of the rearm trucks in northeast from the airbase, well hidden from the incoming tanks. Quite sneaky bastards, huh.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Rearming in safe place

Fully rearmed and angry as hell... hey Payback is a bitch!

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Fire! Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Boom! Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot death!

After that we were off to the Montignac, dropped Robot to the ground give the helo a coordinates for enemy forces. It actually worked pretty OK and we took over the city. Yet Robot got killed and he was totally wiped out of the mission, so we decided to start it all over again.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Death in Montignac     Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Mission stats

Malden CityConflict, 11-??-01 (LAN) Mr Lovah!, Snake Man

Sometimes we take few rounds of deathmatch type of game, yet we always prefer the coop missions. Its fun to just engage real human opponents every now and then. This lesson kids is for never running around in hostile environment without a primary weapon! When you are armed with heavy machinegun and you take RPG launcher - you will lose the primary weapon and ... look mom, no hands! sigh, well Mr Lovah! was laughing to me in the radio comms channel when he shot me walking around like a fucking gay with no gun :)
The image where some Russian officer is resting in the hood of blown up BMP is from some situation I have no idea, how did Mr Lovah! got himself top of the BMP is mystery.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot No gun Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot sigh Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Resting

PMC Hold Meaux, 11-??-01 (LAN) Mr Lovah!, Snake Man

Our Hold Meaux mission was pretty general, lot of action like usually. First funny situation came up when tanks rolled into the city and some trees went down. When being inside the house all could be seen outside of the door was thats showing in the next image, talking about good hideout!

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Hideout 100%

When both of us were rearming in the ammo boxes (this mission eats lof of ammo), there were total firefight around us, when laying down prone behind the ammo box I did not see any enemies, just lot of gunfire. It was scary to duck there when bullets land all around us. Now... Mr Lovah! was unfortunate to be ducking in plain sight and it was ugly to see him get hit right beside me. bang... he was dead.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Ducking cover

In the next scenario the tanks were rolling into the city, we were hiding in the house with Mr Lovah! keeping LAW launcher in hand ready to blast some enemy tanks in guerrilla style. But Uh Oh! do you see the richochets in the doorway just left of him! Take cover take cover, enemy fire! -- Zup Zup zup ... sigh... Mr Lovah! got hit, he dropped to the floor in he's back... he was dead... he died right before my eyes.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Lovah takes fire     Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Hes dead...

Okay now we were outside when there was incoming enemy Helo's. Mr Lovah! radioed that he was going to handle the Hind landing in the south of city, I was going to take the one on east side. I took position beside a blown up and burnt enemy tank, I waited patiently as the Hind circled around the city and prepared to land... Took aim right to the side of the Russian attack helicopter. Pressed the LAW trigger and rocket shooted out of the tube and was flying towards the helo... it went BOOM! as it finally hit. Helo tipped over and expleded in a fireball. HOOAYH! I got excited, throwed the LAW on my back, turned around and started to run towards the city... when it happened. Mr Lovah! was actually missed the southern Hind and I dont have to tell you that the Russian airmen was pissed of because the other wing in hes squad just got blown up... he immediately shot the bastard who killed hes friend. So ... then it happened, KABOOM! sounded as the Hind's weapons found me and I was dead.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Hind Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Yeah! Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot BANG!

Aftermatch of that mission was both of our teams dead, yet we took quick heavy toll on the enemy forces. Lot of dead Russian infantry soldiers and tanks were scattered around Meaux. So much for that mission, you'll be sure we'll be back.

PMC Strike Eagle, 11-??-01 (LAN) Mr Lovah!, Snake man

This Strike Eagle mission setting is without specific story (as I dont remember anymore what happened exactly), but I try to shed some light on the screenshot evens. This first shot is taken as Mr Lovah! was riding M1A1 tank as it got hit from enemy T-72 fire. The same time I got killed and respawned somewhere, when I got around to Mr Lovah! again I found this guy on the freaking woods with the tank. I mean, how do you get MBT into the woods? Hehe. Sorry for not getting a better photo, but Mr Lovah! was anxious to get the hell out of the woods. I can say the only thing I saw was tailights of M1A1 ;)

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot MBT in woods

This next set is from the Hospital which we... well, cleared. I'll let the image speak to itself. Observe Mr Lovah! and Snake Man in the hospital.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Hospital

When we moved on to the next village due south-east of the Hospital, we found nice enemy fuel depot well hidden under a camo net. Well we as being trained killers found that with ease. Mr Lovah! took the LAW rocket, told me to step back and check out thing to come. Well he scored direct hit and the explosion caused the Uaz near the Fuel Truck to shoot through the air. "Look daddy in the sky, what is it... A Bird? A Airplane? -negative on that son, its a communist jeep blown out of the face of the earth by PMC."

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot aim   Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot hit   Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot salute

PMC Hold Meaux, 11-09-01 (LAN) Mozart, Snake Man

We were positioned in the southern building, I shot some Mortars while Mozart tapped some COLT M16 single shots. I also got wounded from something, dunno if it was enemy fire or friendly (our squads were all over the place). When mortars was fired I crawled to the field hospital, then Mozart radioed in, hes injured. I took Jeep and drove south and picked him up. While I was doing that there were heavy fire from AH-1 gunship as it unleashed to the incoming enemy tanks. As Mozart got healed...

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Mozart Healing

There was this nasty tank track sound (check the image, see the truck?) and just as Mozart got aboard the jeep and we turned heading south... BOOM! says our truck as some of the Russian tanks scored direct hit at it.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Everybody out!

Of course the truck was wasted in split second and it blasted through the air just when we were driving to it. Needles to say it was time to bail from the Jeep or get hammered by the remains of the truck :)

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Luckily we escaped the landing

Okay so the truck came down just beside the Jeep, it was quite a shock to be so close, those damn tanks! And oh no, now the tanks are reaching the south end of the Meaux where my team was located, after peeking around the corner I see three Russian tanks sitting besides my squad and here comes the AH-1 Cobra again. FLAM FLAM FLAM the FFAR rockets hit the tanks killing most of my men, the rest that survived were fed to the nasty tank machineguns. So now we were left alone, we went hiding into the nearest two story building from which I fired the enemy soldiers running around behind the tanks. Actually I got three of them. We got out of the building finally as there were footsteps from North East, our posit was between the buildings (North-South) right next the ammo boxes and then came the enemy infantry about 100meters due east in the ridge... small firefight broke out and in results few russians dead and also... Mozart.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Mozart dead

Yup, life is cruel in Operation Flashpoint world indeed. The mission was aborted shortly after that, Russians were approaching from South and South East. It was time to get out of there.

PMC Strike Eagle, 10-28-01 (LAN) Robot, Snake Man

Second take on this mission was pretty nice, until we ran into badguy Russians. Lets cut it to the fun part... I was shot down somewhere and was again waiting for Chinook extraction. Finally the bulky Chinook emerged from the rain... ah it was a sweet sight.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Chinook extraction

We flew back to NATO base and landed... yet to again flip the fucking bird, Jesus!

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Robot salutes! Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot My gunner is still inside

This is getting really old here, seems like we cant do nothing more than flip these fucking choppers and saluting with the freaking smile on the face! :)
Anyways, back to rearm the Apache in our base but then something really weird happened, my last alive soldier called T-80 5 o'clock 500! Holy moly T-80's? HERE? I immediately boarded the AH-64 and called Robot to take the gunners seat, rotors started to slowly spin which felt like forever as the ugly sound of main Russian battle tanks fast closed upon us. Finally airborne we were limited to the Chaingun and FFAR's as Hellfire targeting is not working on human gunner-multiplayer. Robot gave them hell!

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Robot punishing the commies!

After Robot ejected from the chopper to quickly get into the last working Abrams, he fell into the woods and got killed. Sigh. So this was it, everybody was dead except me... goddamn war is hell.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot War is hell...

PMC Strike Eagle, 10-28-01 (LAN) Robot, Snake Man.

This was actually two missions. First mission we took M1A1 tank and Apache, we leveled all the other objectives but in the enemy base the situation got worse. First an AA soldier shot the Apache once and then something happened, I have no idea who shot the Apache second time it might have been another AA soldier... Anyway there was this huge bang and the chopper started to fell into the ground. Gunner and pilot were ejected and just barely made into the ground with chutes. The Helo did not explode, it just went into so bad condition that engines shut down etc.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Apache broken

If that was not bad news enough, there were enemy soldiers footsteps on the woods in north. They were coming for us. We had a fierce firefight with the troops coming from north and we lost one machine gunner in that fight. Now as we usually want to spice things up, we make no expection here either, as we were just stopping the troops coming from north there was four T-80 tanks rolling down on us from the enemy base. I immediately called over the comms channel that Robot should leave the immediate area as one M1A1 wont be a match for those T-80's. He did not get far and the abrams was hit once, but did not suffer any major damage, somehow I managed to hide in the bushes about 1.5meters from the closest T-80 as they were scanning on me while there was still sounds coming from the woods in north. When the T-80's turned around and went back to the houses I called Robot back to pick me up as I was wounded from the firefight we just had. It was madly exciting to crawl into the M1A1 as the enemy tanks were rolling in only 100meters due south. After onboard we started to push to the safer side in northwest, but no such luck... a T-80 shot to the rear of Abrams blew the tank apart. Robot, he's gunner and Snake Man were killed instantly.
Ok so then we respawned into the UH-60 Helicopter which we were forced to eject due Flashpoint multiplayer bug. In that ordeal we lost one soldier.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot UH-60

We were in the middle of nowhere with no ride home, luckily Robot got around the home base and took one CH-47D Chinook and called over the radio that he was on he's way to rescue us. After handing over the map extraction zone coordinates to him, we prepared to get picked up. When the big helo was landing we started to run across this large field, about middle of the field I was gunned down by Russian soldier hiding in the nearby houses... he took down also one other soldier before he was shot. In the same time Robot put the Chinook down, but it flipped, CRASH!

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Robot Flipped our Chinook

So there were we, far away behind enemy lines. It was fierce thunderstorm and rain. No ride home. No heavy weapons. No hope... And finally another hiding Russian killed me and Robot was left alone hiding himself in the bushes. Well time to abort this mission ;)

PMC Armoured, 10-27-01 (LAN) Raze, Snake Man.

This was very interesting mission. We first tried to assault the Fuel Depot with a M1A1 tank but as the T-80 in the city was so well hidden we could not take a long range shot. Well the knife fight in the city with two tanks is very deadly and we end up having the Abrams with busted turret. As the enemy's motherfucking anti-armor team which seem to appear from goddamn nowhere blow our repair truck in pieces (along with the driver) we had no way to fix the tank. We drove the tank into field HQ while second team was holding position south of the fuel depot.
After we got the chopper around we were forced to duck cover as enemy sniper(s) opened fire. Under deadly sniper fire we were fighting the enemy reinforcement troops and try to search enemy soldiers bodies for any anti armor weapons. We find few, without ammo... there still was patrolling BMP and city had BMP + T-80. Situation definitely looked grim...
Finally we found some AT weapons with ammo and we managed to down the enemy sniper WHICH WE WERE SEARCHING FOR FUCKEN HOUR AT LEAST. Raze took a long range sniper rifle shot and killed the bastard, nicely done move Raze, from the behind. Raze seems to be one hellowa sniper let me tell you, I once saw him take out two soldiers from about 200meters with two shots.
After the fuel depot was cleared we took more ammo from our field HQ and flow the chopper into the enemy base. In the ridge we fired two rounds of LAW + RPG over the tanks in the base then escaped to the helo. Well here things got complicated, Raze as being the Seal Team trainee for 10 years of experience in Vietnam Mekong Delta etc, he goddamn got LOST. Well the helo was engine running ready to takeoff about 150meters south from the ridgeline where we took the AT shots. Can you think of the situation sitting in the chopper, seeing Raze running around in the hillside when BMP jumps over the ridge facing directly the chopper... that was decision time. Should we stay and wait for our comrade or should we escape?
In split second decision the chopper took off with rest of the team leaving Raze behind in the mercy of the incoming enemy BMP... man I tell you, that was one of the hardest moments in my Flashpoint combat life. I was hearing Raze calling over the comms channel for "where the hell is the chopper, I cant find it, come to pick me up, the fucking BMP is after me, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?!?". It was bad... leaving a guy behind. Soon after I got a radiocall that the BMP killed Raze.
The hard decision definitely saved the lives of the rest of the team in the chopper, not to mention our only viable transportation vehicle at the moment. Yet its the kind of decision I don't never want to make anymore...
Since the rest of the team was live, we picked up more LAW + RPG ammo and took a few trips to the enemy base and wasted the tanks overthere alongside Raze had great fun using the UH-60 doorgunner 50cal to waste the enemy infantry. Last effort we tried to hijack the one remaining working T-80 and we actually succeeded, but the enemy AT team noticed this small loan of their armour and immediately blow the tank to pieces... another NATO life lost. We took the UH-60 and circled around the base while Raze emptied the 50cal into the enemy forces. Then we landed in the hillside to completely safe (looking) ground, yet somehow the chopper bounced and the rotor tipped ground and KABOOM!
UH-60 was destroyed in split second and the rest of NATO forces inside it. Mission over.
It was extremely cool mission with duration of 4hours and 5minutes, it was something like 1700hrs when the mission ended and the sun started to set in the horizon. We were in a bit hurry as our forces had no night vision goggles. Man... this kind of missions is what PMC is all about. Hot stuff.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Raze & Sniper  Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Mission duration

PMC Evac, 09-??-01 (InterNet) Dodevitz, Snake Man

Dodevitz was told not to stick he's head out in the open when the T-80's assaulted the airbase, well if you do not follow orders or good advises, this is what happens. Sorry guy, I'll notify your family :)

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Dodevitz, rest in peace...

PMC Airfield Raid, 0?-??-01 (InterNet) Dodevitz, Zeneth, Shivan, Snake Man

In this mission Zeneth run out of ammo and Snake Man "captured" him alive, of course being a respectful NATO guy he was not executed :) The screenshot is pretty useless with so dark scene, but yet the comms dialog is pretty legendary zeneth stuff :)

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Zeneth, captured alive by Snake Man!

Some additional screenshots from unrelated things.

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot

Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot Operation Flashpoint (OFP) PMC Tactical Screenshot

Finally very random screenshots without thumbnails.

FastRope.jpg, nam_12_big_map.jpg, nam_25_big_map.jpg, ofp-patch.jpg

PMC_Shittysember_nov19_2003.jpg, PMC_Smallville1.jpg, PMC_Smallville2.jpg, PMCRangerPath.jpg

RangerSniper1.jpg, Rattler_Mapview_names.gif, Rattler-02.jpg, Rattler-17.jpg

Rattler-18.jpg, Rattler-27.jpg, Rattler-44.jpg, Rattler-47.jpg

Rattler-51.jpg, Rattler-61.jpg, snakeshootstinger.jpg, UnscriptedWarVTE-56.jpg


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