PMC Tactical OFP Missions Downloads

2024-03-19T09:27:17Z PMCTODO this page has too many missions to fix as of typing this text, but they all can be downloaded in one go using OFP.Mission.Pack.2024-03-19/ Torrent Magnet.


All of our missions come with Briefing and Overview.

If you find any bugs etc errors in these missions, please post to our forums and we will surely try to fix them as soon as possible.

Only thing you need is standard Operation Flashpoint v1.96 - if mission needs addons, its clearly stated in the description in this page (we hope).


Our first mission is Mozart Classic Seal Team, its based on this guy who loved to play Seal Team (c) Electronic Arts back in 1993 with the style of not firing a shot. When OFP came out we knew that this is a game that is perfect for this sort of mission where you sneak around enemy territory and look around, only to pick up easy battles or maybe no battles for all, just some recon. This mission YOU are in control because you choose the style you want to do things. Of course, if you get caught in wide open standing when enemies suddenly appear from behind the hill, you could be in serious trouble. This dont actually have clear objective as its a plain Search and Destroy mission, how much dammage you do to the enemy, is up to you... but your main objective is to stay healthy to fight an another day.

This mission has small (very small) intro, but dont expect anything fancy. Contains lot of enemies (but scattered around, so no framerate degrade).

Coop multi + Single, 24kb.


The mission we call simply PMC Search and Rescue is about finding a missing Blackhawk helicopter behind enemy lines. We dont go into details right here so we dont give out the mission outcome, all we can say that you take a UH60 Blackhawk helo with medic/rescue team with you and go search for the missing guys. This mission is designed for multiplayer but due the weird helicopter boarding/disembarking behaviour in multiplayer its requires some tinkering to get to work. fox example the rescue team leader must assign the rest of the team into the helo FIRST before boarding itself. This mission works best on single player unfortunately.

Coop multi + Single, 9kb.


PMC Survive is mission made for Raze as he requested this kind of action. In the mission there are two (multi) players equipped with CAR-15's and binocs only, they need to travel all the way through Malden from south to north, into the Airfield. Of course the whole territory is under Russian control, lot of enemies... dangerous I'd say. Please note that this mission lags very much under multiplayer conditions (DSL or LAN), so it might be a bit unplayable.

Coop multi, 14kb.


PMC Armoured is co-op mission at Malden, it contains smallish number of infantry supported by Armour. There are two locations where battles occur and maybe some nice surprises as well. NATO equipment consists of Jeep's, Truck, M113, M1 Abrams or UH60 Blackhawk. Use any of the platforms as you want. This would be ideally played by three players (infantry squad, UH60 and M1A1). (featured in War Stories)

Coop multi + Single, 12kb.


PMC Airfield Raid. This mission has lot of infantry, it might be sluggish on some machines in the beginning of the battle, dunno you gotta test it yourself. Situation is that Russian forces are attacking to NATO defended airfield (Malden), there are no armour involved here, just pure infantry combat.

Multi + Single, 11kb.


PMC Ambush. Small and quick shooting mission. NATO has two M60 machine gunners ambushing two russian infantry squads that are walking along a road near Lolisse. There is cue when NATO guys open fire, check this out for quick shoothout, also you can experience the hair raising ambush from russian side.

Multi + Single, 4kb.


PMC Anti Air. NATO is taking action against russian helicopters. Shoot down the enemy helos, also wait for reinforcement truck to bring you some more stinger missiles.

Coop multi + Single, 5kb.


PMC Beachhead. Very simple but maybe fun mission where russian forces are landing on NATO defended beach, easy quick and fun.

Multi + Single, 4kb.


PMC Night Raid. As name says this is a night mission. Three NATO special forces operatives are cleaning out town which is occupied by russian forces. Can be played from either side. This again is very small fun multiplayer type of mission.

Multi + Single, 4kb.


PMC Saints and Sinners. Well this is moderately lagging mission, at least in our DSL and LAN multiplayer testings, although it is fully playble in our opinion. This should please the shoot first ask questions later type of players, as this is really a WAR and you will get yourself killed if you dont shoot the enemy down.

Coop multi + Single, 5kb.


PMC The Captive. This is morning mission where you take the role of Seal Team commander, inserting your troops into the enemy island which holds the prison camp where two NATO soldiers are held captive. Your task is to clear out the way for larger assault force which will be inserted with helicopters. So make sure there are NO enemy AA forces alive anywhere in the island before you make the radio call for Air Assault!

Coop multi + Single, 9kb.


PMC Downtown La Riviere. Your three man team is ordered to seize the downtown of La Riviere, there should not be anymore than squad of russian forces in the city. This should be just walk in the park.

Coop multi + Single, 7kb.


PMC Hold City. This is a classic hold city mission by PMC, it was the first and it remains this day as the only one made. We play this almost every time we want to fight another human being. Its been upgraded for todays standards and features individual briefings for East and West teams. Contains vehicles and blackhawk (NATO).

Coop multi, 5kb.


PMC Strike Eagle. You can find the war stories for this mission in our screenshots section. Basically we have lot of Russian opponents for cooperatively NATO forces, you can use jeep, truck, abrams, m113, blackhawk, apache and chinook. Funnily this baby runs "decent" even at 450mhz, 384mb ram, gforce 2 machine. This has limited sounds. (featured in War Stories)

Coop multi + Single, 146kb.


PMC Colonel Hunt Island of Everon is under Russian control, there is Colonel of the Russian army touring the several positions around the island. You are NATO squad leader and your oders is to hunt down and eliminate him. Use Black Hawk insertion behind enemy lines and get extracted dynamically from anyplace in the island. The Russian colonel movements are totally random, this mission will not the same when you play it twice.

Coop multi + Single, 29kb.


PMC Airbase Combat adversial, US defends Everon airbase and Russians try to capture it.

Multi, 5kb.


PMC Ambush 2 US Special Ops team with heavy weapon support ambushes Russian convoy.

Coop Multi, 5kb.


PMC Beach Head 2 new version of old mission, Russian forces assault beach head held by US team.

Coop Multi, 7kb.


PMC City Combat ancient mission was laying around in the mission dir, this is one of the first made by PMC. Uses stupid quake style user respawn after death (not team). US and Russian Objective is to capture Montignac.

Coop Quake Multi, 6kb.


PMC CE1 Uses fabulous The Chain of Command produced Command Engine. In this large mission you play US commander stationed at Everon airbase with lot of troops at your command. Hunt down and destroy all Russians patrolling randomly around the island.

Addons used; bas Delta/Ranger, LSD, hmm some stuff.

Single, 163kb.


PMC Desert Tanks a Tank/Armored vehicle battle in the Nogova desert airbase area.

Multi, 5kb.


PMC Hill small fight over a hilltop in Everon. Infantry only with M2 at Russian defense.

Multi, 4kb.


PMC Hostage Rescue US forces rescue POW's from Russian hands in northern Nogova.

Coop multi, 9kb.


PMC Hostile Sea a small Delta Force silenced team assaults Nogova port town in daring daylight raid... bah well this is quick nice clean coop.

Addons used bas Delta/Ranger addon.

Coop multi, 7kb.


PMC Hut Hill SEB Nam Pack mission. Your team will assault VC/NVA hut and hilltop. Keep your men alive in the jungle environment. SEB NAM Pack 2.

Coop, 7kb. obsolete, check VTE.


PMC NATO Convoy you must navigate ground convoy through the Everon landscape from North to South and pickup a Resistance member, then bring him back to the Airbase in the north. You have air and ground element at your disposal, use them wisely and get everyone back alive.

Coop, 8kb.


PMC Ninjas a Special Ops team will assault city in Everon at night time neutralizing all Russian occupants. Take out also the armored vehicles.

Coop, Single, 17kb.


PMC NVA Assault a huge number of VC/NVA is heading for SF firebase where your SEAL TEAM is located. Defeat the assault at any cost. Night is falling, use the coming darkness to your advantage. Call in fire from the sky Napalm airstrikes to defend your position.

Addons used OV-1 Bronco, Napalm and SEB NAM Pack 2.

Coop, Single, 14kb. obsolete, check VTE.


PMC POW Camp two US lightly armed small teams strike Russian POW camp trying to rescue US soldiers being captive there. Get in and out fast with helicopter insertion and extraction. Watch your fire, there are friendlies out there.

Coop, 20kb.


PMC Search And Rescue 2 a full blown multiplayer mission (you cant play this in single). Small Special Forces team is behind enemy lines and they are compromised they are on the run... US airbase is launching SAR package with UH-60 Black Hawk supported by two AH-1 Cobra gunships to rescue the Spec Ops before Russians locate and capture or kill them.

Coop, 10kb.


PMC Road Block this is if not the first, then second PMC mission created for OFP :) Its available mostly for sentimental reasons, however it is fully upgraded to the todays standard on briefing part. Small and quick fun mission adversial multiplayer.

Multi, 4kb.


PMC Shittysember its a night time in Malden, US team is located at the airbase and is launching attack to neutralize the Russian presence in the island. You have full variety of helos and ground vehicles along with nice toys in the weapons department. Make no mistake, this is no cake walk, when you walk in the darkness wearing your night vision goggles, be VERY aware of your surroundings so you can return home when this is all over. This is long and ehem moderately big mission, it would not surprise me if it drags to 3-4hours and sun is coming up before all Russians are neutralized.

Coop, 15kb.


PMC Shootout Regina in Everon is held by Russian ground forces, US AH-1 Cobra gunships assault the city and try to neutralize everything living there. Russians can only use small arms and RPG to try to down the helos.

Multi, 3kb.


PMC Sniper Alley a city of Petrovice is under Russian control and Snipers are terrorizing the people. US squad will assault and try to clean out the city. Watch out for those deadly snipers.

Coop, Single, 7kb.


PMC Sniper Hunt 2 a US Colonel is visiting the troops in Saint Pierre, but there is intel of Russian Sniper team closing in from the north... US player must hunt down and stop the sniper, Russian player must get close enough to the city and eliminate the Colonel.

Multi, 6kb.


PMC Spear a Delta Force team is preparing to enter into Everon mainland from the small island using Littlebird insertion. In the mainland their objective is to search enemy presence and call in airstrikes to neutralize them. (New fixed version uploaded at July 22nd, 2004).

Addons used bas Delta/Ranger, Littlebirds.

Coop, Single, 24kb.


PMC Tank Busting Special Ops team will laser designate targets for A-10 in Everon. Russian forces have lot of armor and some infantry which needs to be taken out.

Coop, 38kb.


PMC VC Hunt you have VC/NVA assault heading to the firebase, ground team will defend the camp and air team will hunt the enemy from the air using helicopters and Napalm airstrikes.

Addons used Bronco, Napalm SEB NAM Pack 2.

Coop, 13kb. obsolete, check VTE.


PMC VC Jungle we have long mission today to chase down those VC/NVA infantry patrols in the jungle. Use the HUEY's to move around and if you go into the thick jungle, be careful and stay alive down there.

Coop, 10kb. obsolete, check VTE.


PMC Conflict you are resistance member in Everon, US forces are fighting against Russians and you are there to help the US team. Choose your fights, stay alive and try to do as much damMage to the Russians as you can. In your hideout you got some fresh new Stingers also compliments from your US friends.

Coop, Single, 12kb.


PMC Defend Castle two US soldiers are defending the Everon castle against large Russian infantry assault.

Coop, 5kb.


PMC Defend Meaux US teams are in defensive positions while Russian large scale combined arms assault is under way from south. Keep your head down and stop the Russians at all costs. (featured in War Stories)

Coop, Single, 8kb.


PMC Evac US forces are evacuating Malden airbase, Russian assault is under way and they will overrun as. We must get out of the airbase ASAP. You are holding the fort unit all other friendly forces have been extracted out. Set up mines for incoming tanks, use M2's to defend against waves of Russian soldiers - but stay alive for the last helo extraction of the day...

Coop, Single, 10kb.


PMC Infantry Fight Back to Basics. You and your M16. Two US squads assault through Russian positions capturing key objectives. Stay alert out there and keep your buddies alive.

Coop, 8kb.


PMC Operation Liberty your small squad has very easy task today, go out and clean small village from few Russian soldiers, get the civilians out and return home. This is a cakewalk, in and out, 5minutes...

Coop, Single, 53kb.


PMC Fierce Eagle large multiplayer coop mission where US forces must secure four key objectives in Nogova.

Coop, 25kb.


PMC Jungle Patrol this mission is for SEB NAM Pack 2. Designed for 2-12 player COOP. Players choose their role in US SEAL Team members who go into patrol in the VC infested Ia Drang mainland. This mission was featured also in the screenshots and war stories page.

Addons used SEB NAM Pack 2.

Coop, 100kb. obsolete, check VTE.


PMC CE MP NAM - three CoC Command Engine missions for Multiplayer in SEB NAM Pack 2 Ia Drang island. These tree missions have been tested and working ok.

Addons used SEB NAM Pack 2 and USMC symbols.

Coop, 404kb. obsolete, check VTE.


PMC NAM Command - two single player CoC CE missions for SEB NAM Pack 2. Note that this uses the default SEB stuff, no additional addons required.

Addons used SEB NAM Pack 2 and USMC symbols.

Single, 342kb. obsolete, check VTE.


PMC Nemesis - Fight russians in the Nogova western sector, capture several key locations using infantry and Blackhawks.

Addons used JAM2 and bas Blackhawks.

Coop, Single 20kb.


PMC Metro - Big and long infantry fight in the Nogova desert, AI units are working along side your squad.

Addons used JAM2, Bn880 tracers and bas Blackhawks.

Coop, Single 21kb. New


PMC War Hill - War Games League 4.0 mission using CoC Unified Artillery and CoC Command Engine.

Addons used WGL4, CoC UA 1.0 and CoC CE.

Single 118kb.


PMC Escape - You are prisoner of war in Russian prison camp. Its early in the morning, you have this feeling...

Addons used JAM2, bas Delta/Ranger, bas Blackhawks.

Coop, Single 15kb.

PMC Rugen and PMC Rattler missions


PMC Fight Video Desert - On Rattler, big West vs East fighting cutscene.

Addons required: Rattler, JAM2, Bn880 tracers.


PMC Gunship Assault - AH-64 attack on heavily defended enemy airbase.

Addons required: Rattler, JAM2, Bn880 tracers.


PMC Hercules Rescue - CoC CE mission, use your forces to located crashed C-130 and bring the survivors back to base.
Addons required: Rattler, C130v2, LSR Ranger/SEALs, bas Blackhawks, USMC symbols, JAM2, Bn880 tracers.


PMC Valley Escape - Your ranger squad is evacuated under heavy enemy fire. Hold tight until the evac helo arrives.
Addons required: Rattler, LSR Ranger, bas Blackhawks, JAM2, Bn880 tracers.

Use 7-Zip to open .rar and .7z packets.