Falcon 4. The 512 x 512 Resolution Texture Tiles

Here is the results of changing the original terrain textures in to 512 x 512 resolution ones. It was some time ago when Codec approached us about the idea of setting the texture resolution to something higher than the default 128, you'll find the original post in this topic here. Oh btw you should check out texture tutorial to get familiar with Falcon default texture stuff (if you're interested). Here is the first shots taken.

PMC Tactical256x256 shot PMC Tactical 512x512 shot

Why larger tiles?
By using larger tile sizes we can stick more data into the terrain, so the sense of low level speed for example increases greatly. For example making airbases with larger tiles will give excellent detail which can be applied so it reflects the airbase 3d model. And overall this means better looking terrain.

How much HD space it takes?
In our example, the original Korean texture.zip takes 30mb with the 128 res tiles but with the tiles increased to 512 res will take 232mb in the texture.zip. It is considerably larger, but we must remember that this example has ALL the 1000 tiles with the maximum of resolution, in normal circumstances all tiles are not required to be 512 res. With talented artists we can reduce the amount of tiles used and this way make the texture.zip smaller.

Is there a Frame Rate hit?
Probably some, but not that it would bring the computer into halt. We have screenshots to show here to clear it up finally from Instant Action and in Campaign. In these shots it never fell below the reasonable limit which is that it becomes unplayable.

Are the high res tiles compatible with my computer? ehh sure if you are running decent computer. The texture limit of VOODOO cards is 256 that I've heard of, this is one of the things some people complain about but the last time I checked, the voodoo cards are not in production anymore and some decent new 3d card costs like nothing. So if you are running voodoo card with tile resolutions of 512 you will get graphics errors as the puny card goes to nuts. Go buy better card or don't use high res tiles. Easy.

How do I make 512 tiles from default Korean tiles?
By using runtiles batch processing. You just need to edit it bit to first make 512 H tiles and then rest of the tiles according to the resolution you want them. Our example screenshots were taken from the tiles created with this runtiles batch file. However you should create totally new tiles from ground up to make the terrain look good, just changing the resolution of default tiles really does not give you anything "new" in there.

Enough of this babbling, show me the shots!

Instant action screenshots

PMC Tactical IA #1 PMC Tactical IA #2 PMC Tactical IA #3

Campaign screenshots

PMC TacticalCampaign #1 PMC Tactical Campaign #2

These above shots are taken in game (gee whiz) with SP3 latest build, default settings ingame and in F4Patch, like stated above texture.zip size was 232mb. You guys more likely can evaluate is this FPS drop or not, but it feels totally playable to me at least. Also these shots are not to show you any spectacular graphics, as they are the default tiles just resized. When someone creates new tiles from ground up - then we see something nice.

Also some additional shots. Afghanistan and Panther's example airbase tiles.

PMC Tactical Afghanistan PMC Tactical Panther's airbase

Anyways, this page was just put together to clear some basics and to show those "ingame" shots to stop all the wondering about frame rates and such things. If you have any additional details, tips, screenshots or even tiles. Feel free to email us or post into our forums. Thank you.