PMC Tactical ArmA 2 Downloads; addons, terrains, missions, campaigns

Please note that all our mission downloads can be found from ArmA 2 missions download page.

PMC_apache_arma2_v1.1.rar PMC Apache helicopter addon. The first PMC addon for ArmA 2. 6mb.

PMC_ArmA2_wrpdemo_v1.1.rar PMC ArmA 2 WRP Demo v1.1 terrain addon. WRP technology demo. 18.5mb.

AGS Buildings v1.5.

ags_build_v1.5.7z.torrent and Magnet URI.

AGS Industrial v1.6.

ags_inds_v1.6.7z.torrent and Magnet URI.

AGS Port / Harbor v1.9. New Release

ags_port_v1.9.7z.torrent and Magnet URI.

AGS_roads_v1.3.rar AGS Roads v1.3

PMC Terrain Objects v1.8. Used for PMC terrains and others. New Release

pmc_terrain_obj_v1.8.7z.torrent and Magnet URI.

PMC Rattler v1.9.2

pmc_rattler_v1.9.2.7z.torrent and Magnet URI.

PMC 51km Desert v1.9.2. New Release

pmc_51km_desert_v1.9.2.7z.torrent and Magnet URI.

PMC_terrain_clutter_v1.6.7z PMC Terrain Clutter v1.6. Used for PMC terrains and others.

PMC Skybox Remove v1.1. Used for PMC terrains and others.

pmc_skybox_remove_v1.1_repack.7z.torrent and Magnet URI.

REPACK note: if you already have v1.1 release, this repack adds only the missing bikey server file, nothing has changed in the addon itself.

PMC Rugen v1.5.

pmc_rugen_v1.5.7z.torrent and Magnet URI.

PMC Somalia v0.7 is realistic mod for Somalia conflict, currectly work in progress.

pmc_somalia_v0.7.7z.torrent and Magnet URI.

http Mirrors: Google Drive, DropBox and

PMC_ulah_yuryakh_v1.0.7z PMC Ulah-Yuryakh v1.0 Russian wilderness somewhere in Siberia.

pmc2.rar PMC public key for multiplayer server use.

Use 7-Zip to open .rar and .7z packets.