PMC ArmA 3 Downloads

Bushlurker Island 51 Previously never released 51km x 51km terrain from Bushlurker, released as tribute to him. No addons required.

Download bushlurker_island_51.7z, 823mb: Torrent Magnet

PMC Opteryx Objects v0.1 Middle Eastern Style Structures by Opteryx and PMC.

Download pmc_opx_v0.1.7z, 440mb Torrent Magnet

PMC Terrain Data v0.1 Base required addons for PMC terrains and used with terrain developers on terrain builder tool.

Download pmc_terrain_data_v0.1.7z, 472kb: Torrent Magnet

PMC Test 8192 02 v0.2 Huge test / demo terrain. 81.9km x 81.9km in size, 81920 x 81920 resolution satellite texture (1 meter / pixel) and roads from OpenStreetMap. This is not a real terrain, it has only few objects like trees and buildings. Dont download this if you expect to get normal 81km terrain, this is not it.

Download pmc_test_8192_02_v0.2.7z, 2.32gb: Torrent Magnet

Please note that terrains below DO NOT HAVE ANY (or many) OBJECTS. You need to read PMC Real World Data Terrain MEGA Project topic in our forums which explains the purpose of this terrain project in great detail.

PMC Iraq, Al Kut v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_al_kut_v0.1.7z, 3.05gb: Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Baghdad v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_baghdad_v0.1.7z, 2.88gb: Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Basrah v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_basrah_v0.1.7z, 2.79gb: Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Erbil v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_erbil_v0.1.7z, 3.07gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Hillah v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_hillah_v0.1.7z, 900mb Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Karbala v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_karbala_v0.1.7z, 823mb Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Kirkuk v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_kirkuk_v0.1.7z, 2.96gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Mosul v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_mosul_v0.1.7z, 896mb Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Najaf v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_najaf_v0.1.7z, 850mb Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Nasiriyah v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_nasiriyah_v0.1.7z, 2.91gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Ramadi v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_ramadi_v0.1.7z, 237mb Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Rutba v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_rutba_v0.1.7z, 2.73gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Samawah v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_samawah_v0.1.7z, 850mb Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Sulaymaniyah

Download pmc_iraq_sulaymaniyah_v0.1.7z, 3.2gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Iraq, Tikrit v0.1

Download pmc_iraq_tikrit_v0.1.7z, 2.96gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Afghanistan, Ghazni v0.1

Download pmc_afghanistan_ghazni_v0.1.7z, 3.05gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Afghanistan, Jalalabad v0.2

Download pmc_afghanistan_jalalabad_v0.2.7z, 3.86gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Afghanistan, Kabul v0.1

Download pmc_afghanistan_kabul_v0.1.7z, 2.81gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Afghanistan, Kandahar v0.1

Download pmc_afghanistan_kandahar_v0.1.7z, 2.98gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Afghanistan, Kunduz v0.1

Download pmc_afghanistan_kunduz_v0.1.7z, 3gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Afghanistan, Lashkar Gah v0.1

Download pmc_afghanistan_lashkar_gah_v0.1.7z, 2.98gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Afghanistan, Mazari Sharif v0.1

Download pmc_afghanistan_mazari_sharif_v0.1.7z, 3.06gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Syria, Al Hasakah v0.1

Download pmc_syria_al_hasakhah_v0.1.7z, 2.95gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Syria, Al Mayadin v0.1

Download pmc_syria_al_mayadin_v0.1.7z, 2.69gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Syria, Aleppo v0.1

Download pmc_syria_aleppo_v0.1.7z, 3gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Syria, Ar Raqqah v0.1

Download pmc_syria_ar_raqqah_v0.1.7z, 2.94gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Syria, Damascus v0.1

Download pmc_syria_damascus_v0.1.7z, 2.93gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Syria, Homs v0.1

Download pmc_syria_homs_v0.1.7z, 3.01gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Somalia, Baidoa v0.1

Download pmc_somalia_baidoa_v0.1.7z, 3.17gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Somalia, Kismaayo v0.1

Download pmc_somalia_kismaayo_v0.1.7z, 2.58gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Vietnam, Da Nang v0.1

Download pmc_vietnam_da_nang_v0.1.7z, 1.8gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Vietnam, Dong Hoi v0.1

Download pmc_vietnam_dong_hoi_v0.1.7z, 1.78gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Vietnam, Hanoi v0.1

Download pmc_vietnam_hanoi_v0.1.7z, 3.06gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Vietnam, Pleiku v0.1

Download pmc_vietnam_pleiku_v0.1.7z, 3.33gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Vietnam, Saigon v0.1

Download pmc_vietnam_saigon_v0.1.7z, 3.05gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Libya, Ajdabiya v0.1

Download pmc_libya_ajdabiya_v0.1.7z, 2.05gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Libya, Bani Walid v0.1

Download pmc_libya_bani_walid_v0.1.7z, 943mb Torrent Magnet

PMC Libya, Bin Jawad v0.1

Download pmc_libya_bin_jawad_v0.1.7z, 1.73gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Libya, Misrata v0.1

Download pmc_libya_misrata_v0.1.7z, 1.57gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Libya, Msallata v0.1

Download pmc_libya_msallata_v0.1.7z, 2.3gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Libya, Nafusa v0.1

Download pmc_libya_nafusa_v0.1.7z, 3.21gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Libya, Ras Ajdir v0.1

Download pmc_libya_ras_ajdir_v0.1.7z, 540mb Torrent Magnet

PMC Libya, Sabha v0.1

Download pmc_libya_sabha_v0.1.7z, 2.51gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Vietnam, Vinh v0.1

Download pmc_vietnam_vinh_v0.1.7z, 2.06gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Libya, Sirte v0.1

Download pmc_libya_sirte_v0.1.7z, 1.66gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Libya, Tripoli v0.1

Download pmc_libya_tripoli_v0.1.7z, 2.48gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Libya, Wazzin v0.1

Download pmc_libya_wazzin_v0.1.7z, 3.40gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Libya, Benghazi v0.1

Download pmc_libya_benghazi_v0.1.7z, 9.05gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Afghanistan, Asadabad v0.1

Download pmc_afghanistan_asadabad_v0.1.7z, 3.98gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Ukraine, Donetsk v0.1

Download pmc_ukraine_donetsk_v0.1.7z, 3.48gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Ukraine, Luhansk v0.1

Download pmc_ukraine_luhansk_v0.1.7z, 3.05gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Ukraine, Mariupol v0.1

Download pmc_ukraine_mariupol_v0.1.7z, 2.35gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Pakistan, Abbottabad 81km v0.1

Download pmc_pakistan_abbottabad_81km_v0.1.7z, 3.33gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Balkans, Belgrade v0.1

Download pmc_balkans_belgrade_v0.1.7z, 3.36gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Balkans, Kosovo v0.1

Download pmc_balkans_kosovo_v0.1.7z, 3.49gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Balkans, Montenegro v0.1

Download pmc_balkans_montenegro_v0.1.7z, 2.18gb Torrent Magnet

PMC Balkans, Vojvodina v0.1

Download pmc_balkans_vojvodina_v0.1.7z, 3.20gb Torrent Magnet

Most of the above downloads have HTTP Mirror by Dscha, thank you!

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