Multiplayer Screenshots from the PMC - Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear World

PMC Rogue Spear Multiplayer Screenshots

May 15th, 2000. Raze & Snake Man takes on the tangos.

Screenshot Raze checks out the damage on terrorist's head.

Screenshot Raze prepares to engage behind the corner on mexicos darkened buildings.

Screenshot This is the results, I would not want to be behind the next corner :)

May 18, 2000. Lone Wolf & Snake Man at PMC Police Bust!

Screenshot Lone Wolf taking position at PMC Police Bust scenario.

Screenshot Taking aim to incoming tangos!

Screenshot Preparing to exit the surrounded building. Nice headshot Lone!

Screenshot Snake Man engages with fast singleshots, Tap! Tap! Tap!!

Screenshot Lone Wolf closing in...

Screenshot In position!

May 18, 2000. Shivan & Snake Man at PMC vs IRA: Assault!

Screenshot Shivan got hit.

Screenshot Covering

Screenshot Fearsome firefight!

Screenshot Shivan is wounded, still assaulting!

Shivan & Snake Man on PMC Police Bust! scenario

Screenshot Shivans ambush position...

Screenshot I feel sorry for these guys ;)

Screenshot Snake Man's tactic; Barrett inside house? :)

Screenshot Taking aim... SNIPERS FIRE!

Screenshot TANGO DOWN!

June 15th, 2000. Raze & Snake Man on PMC missions

Screenshot Raze on normal PMC ambush point Screenshot Hey where are they coming!?

Screenshot Raze shows how to use cover Screenshot Taking Cover !

Screenshot Proud and Tall! Screenshot Burito Taco mission, using cover

Screenshot Engaging Sniper! Screenshot Operation: Snatch the Devil.

Screenshot Deadly shot on Raze :(

June 19th, 2000. Snake Man testing PMC Apartments mission...

Screenshot Now this you dont see every day,
take a close look... .50AE hit to the head...

more cool combat stories from the PMC front coming as the battle continues...

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