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PMC Rattler

PMC Rattler is 25.6km x 25.6km desert only terrain. Latest version released November 23rd, 2005.



Nov 23rd, 2005. v1.0b
- tweaked the capitol city.
- added some desert style bushes & trees.


This is 25km desert island using OFP v1.96 resistance textures and Res + AGS/Baracken objects. It is basically lag free and allows you to create huge battles with large viewdistances. This is hardcore desert island, there is no mixture of green and stuff like that for trying to please all players, so if you want desert, PMC Rattler is your choice.


However it is not just flat island with desert texture made in WrpTool at 5 minutes, there are some elevations and you can use terrain to your advantage in combat. There are actually few small hilltops, but since this is desert island and thats usually quite flat landscape, there is not going to be any huge mountains popping up.


There are several army-base type installations, over 10 cities which are ruins since this island presents like war torn desert feeling except the modern oil/port facilities, two ports, two oil refineries, few oilwells, airbase and airstrip. There are locations for missions, these locations are not marked on the map so its up to the mission designer to name and (heh well, find) them. The airbase is featured with the AI landing autopilot. Most if not all locations are connected to each other with dirt and sometimes aspfalt roads.

Required Addons

The island itself requires you to have the following addons:

Agent Smith Industrial Pack
Agent Smith Harbor kit

These are not not included in this package, you must download and install them separately.


To install this island, copy/move/unrar the x_pmc/ directory into your OFP directory. Then launch OFP with the -mod=x_pmc; parameter. The island menu background cutscenes are required to be in this <ofpdir>/x_pmc/addons/ directory, if you do not use this mod dir install recommended here, you cannot see any menu cutscenes.

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