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PMC Rugen

PMC Rugen

This is PMC Rugen terrain addon from OFP, now ported to work in ArmA. This is european Everon & Nogova themed terrain of 25km x 25km size, there is roads, airbase, airstrip, several industrial sites, harbors, cities, villages and two army bases. Refer to the original OFP release topic here.


Required Addons

ArmA v1.14 or later and AGS Industrial, AGS Port and PMC OFP Objects. No Queens Gambit required.


--- bugs
- two bridges have small alignment problem on the end parts. units can still pass.
- satellite mask mostly block ("low res") type.
- satellite texture forest edges are block types.

--- fixes v1.2
- save game bug fixed.

--- fixes v1.1
- created ground clutter config.
- compiled old sources in visitor 3 for 8wvr WRP.
- created satellite texture/mask.

--- fixes v1.0
- initial release.


Just copy the addon pbo's into directory of your choice and use -mod parameter to launch ArmA. For more details read How to install ArmA Mod.

Feedback / Forum topic

Please send bug reports or other feedback so I can try to improve this port. If no feedback is sent or critical bugs reported, this will be the final release for ArmA. To make sure feedback reaches me, register to PMC Tactical forums and post there. Here is the direct link.


Download links from our forum topic here.

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