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Armed Assault Addons / Mods Manuals

This is ArmA addons / mods online documentation page.

How to install ArmA modification.

Vietnam: The Experience (VTE) ArmA manual.

PMC Somalia mod manual.

PMC Rattler terrain ArmA manual.

PMC Rugen terrain ArmA manual.

Includes Nogova bridge and some 50m forest blocks.

PMC ported AGS Buildings manual.

PMC ported AGS Industrial Pack manual.

PMC ported AGS Harbor / Port manual.

PMC ported CAT/AGS Afghanistan terrain manual.

PMC First Fight campaign, the firs user made campaign for ArmA.

PMC Silent Bat Command Engine X (CEX) campaign.

PMC ported the BIS Apache from OFP.

PMC 51km Desert, 51km terrain with big war torn cities and desert.

Technology demonstration of large terrains in ArmA.

OFP islands all in one terrain.



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