dem2terrain terrain building

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dem2terrain terrain building

Post by toonces » 2011-09-11, 03:30:10 PM

Hello all.
It's been a long time since I played with dem2terrain and the ultimate theater tutorial. However, as I was goofing off with it today, the website in the tutorial (DCW website) is no longer hosting .e00 format files. The link the DCW page sends you to provides digital data, but in ArcView formats, eg. .shp etc.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to either convert ArcView files to .e00 format (without having ArcGIS on my computer) or, finding a site that provides .e00 formatted data.

Any ideas?

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Re: dem2terrain terrain building

Post by kkashiva » 2014-03-07, 07:53:06 PM

I know this reply is 3 years late, but i only recently got into theater-making and found a site that provides dem data in .e00 format. , just register if they ask you to, its free
Also i read a post somewhere that .shp is more easily available and it is possible to convert that to .e00 and then to .tdf
This reply is to help anyone who stumbles onto this post while searching for dem data (like i did).

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