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Start From Zero - Getting Started and Rules

Post by Snake Man » 2022-06-13 11:48:11

"Start From Zero" is a "game-mode" where you start with absolutely nothing.

See PMC farming stories for Farming Simulator 17 and Farming Simulator 19.

FS19 HOWTO Create Start From Zero Savegame


- have debug console enabled in game.xml settings FS17 Settings.
- start a new career in farm manager mode
- pay off bank loan
- debug console give command: gsCheatMoney -1000000

Now your savegame has 0 vehicles, 0 bank loan and 0 money.

No need to edit savegame XML files, all you need is debug console enabled and farm manager game-mode.

(NOTE: I think the loan was 250k, if its not then you need to adjust above numbers).

If you are picky, this method leaves the -250k bank loan payment into your daily stats until enough days pass so its discarded, this means nothing but dunno, maybe it bothers some people. To avoid -250k stats is to edit farms.xml and remove/zero-out the loan there.

FS19 HOWTO Play Start From Zero Savegame


- no guidancesteering (GPS) before you own a vehicle
- no courseplay before you own a vehicle
- no bank loan, ever
- no field flipping
- simply no cheating money or field work

HOWTO get lucrative fertilizing contracts? With FS19 v1.7.1 Seasons (3 day seasons) it seems you first have to do cultivating / ploughing contracts, then seeding contracts and only after that you get the fertilizing contracts.

You could be time accelerating for in-game YEARS without much changes in the field stages by AI, only way to get things moving is to do the cultivating and seeding contracts yourself to "open up" fields for fertilizing and harvesting contracts.

Don't take several harvesting contracts, they do not work if stacked, only take ONE harvesting contract at a time. If you take multiple harvesting contracts then selling / delivery point gets overwritten, all the contracts use the same delivery point. While you do the contracts they all get completed out of whack, you can finish an field which still says 50% or less complete, or contract can get finished even though you haven't even started harvesting yet, you have no idea which field did what to whom. Just make it simple and only take ONE harvesting contract at a time.
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Re: Start From Zero - Getting Started and Rules

Post by ARG_Afb » 2022-06-13 13:34:13

Sounds fun! A different way to play the game

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