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PMC Brave Hammer

Post by Snake Man » 2022-06-01 18:02:21

PMC Brave Hammer is a campaign featuring United States Marine Force Recon team (MFR) in Chernarus fighting against chedaki and possibly soviet commie scum.

PMC Brave Hammer Campaign homepage.

Been currently working on this arma2 campaign port, just finished good edits to it done yesterday and today.

Campaign only has 5 missions currently (6 if you count the rearming "mission" at start on carrier deck), much more missions are planned, a full war.

Features persistent character health and loadout saves, if your guys die then they are dead in the following missions as well. Persistent weapons not in weaponPool which is broken in arma3 but in home base ammo/weapon boxes.

Missions are straight forward reconnaissance and somewhat ninja owns the night type stuff, no full frontal assaults as that is more what regular USMC squads do. Your MFR provides intel and supports regular squads. Your team takes on the cool missions :)

Campaign design is still very much work in progress, many things can change and more will be added. Let us know if you got any ideas.
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Re: PMC Brave Hammer

Post by ARG_Afb » 2022-06-01 19:54:38

Yesssss letsgooo and fight those f*^%#$g commies!

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