Japan claims disputed islands!

Kurile islands theater

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Japan claims disputed islands!

Post by ccc » 2009-07-04 12:35:40

http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking+Ne ... 98604.html
July 3, 2009 TOKYO - JAPAN'S parliament on Friday passed a law asserting sovereignty over four islands at the centre of a dispute with Russia, adding to tensions as the countries' leaders prepare to meet.

A law calling the four Kuril islands an 'integral part' of Japan was unanimously passed by the opposition-controlled upper house after the lower house also approved it in May when the bill sparked a protest from Moscow.

The four islets north of Japan's Hokkaido island - called the Southern Kurils by Russia and the Northern Territories by Japan - have been controlled by Moscow since they were seized by Soviet troops in 1945.
phew.. a new storm ( and campaign? ) is taking shape..

campaign idea..
- japan launch amphibious landing on south kurils , russia defend, and launch counter-landing. US provide carrier power support later.
- for islands in blue circle, japan ground units use airmobile and reinforcement to show up and capture main obj. some obj should be pre-owned by japan. japan should have more advantage in this circle.
- for island in red circle, japan must use airmobile units to capture THREE obj, then reinforcement can show up. russia has more advantage in red circle.
- the impact will be at the middle of largest island.
- TRI edit.. japan capture all key obj on four islands to win.
- as no-land-connection to the four islands, i expect we have to place MANY ground reinforcment units( as simulated amphibious landing) on them in advance, and tweak their arrival time carefully.
- timeframe could be 2010-2015.. expect F22/F2/F35/UCAV/CIS su35/mig31/T-50 and other air/sea hi-end war machine in this scenerio.. could be the most dangerous hotspot!

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Re: Japan claims disputed islands!

Post by ccc » 2009-07-07 09:38:29

more thoughts about designing this "SMALL island-type" campaign..

1. main ground combat on four samll island - so the ground units counts on airdrop(by ac or helo), or amphibious landing( by activiating reinforcement units).
2. " A lot " of such paratroop units should be place near an airbase/or helo base-army base, to provide "cargo" for transporters. According to DoctorX's tip, airdrop units can be tasked to capture some obj in advance, and they obey the order loyally.. it make blue or red side have the solid chance to capture designated obj- and win the war. the factor influencing the airmobile operation is..helo army base destroyed(no more helo to carry troops), and airbased disabled( at given timeframe no cargo ac working).
3. simulated amphibious landing are added as reinforcement units..it needs three neighboring obj owned by friendly in advance( which mean the location could be placed at one end of island owned by friendly, or possible location occupied by tasked airdrop units). reinforcement units can be pre-tasked.. tho not very reliable.
4. the ground units on Hokkaido, Shakhalin, and CIS mainland could be limited to SAM/AAA airdefence units, and airmobile units for reinforcing "four small islands". there won't be massive land war on those areas.
5. USN or USAF reinforcement, ac misison should be limited to CAP, just provide air cover.
6. PAK setting, the four disputed islandsd may need seperate PAKs.. while land on Shakhalin, Hokkaido, and russia mainland, won't need many PAKs.
7. Database editing, current korea-centered DB is ok..may replace korea/european weapons with japanese ones.
8. win-lose condition..the decesive factor could be a competition of " who can "safely" airdrop more units on target islands "..all air operation focus on escorting the airdrops and wiping out hostile airdrops or guards on the islands, to help friendly airborne units reach their obj.

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