Divine Wind campaign for PMC Kurile Theater

Kurile islands theater

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Divine Wind campaign for PMC Kurile Theater

Post by toonces » 2011-04-10 14:50:55

The Divine Wind campaign for the PMC Kurile Theater is available. This modification is compatible with Freefalcon 5.55 ONLY. It will (probably) not work with previous versions of Freefalcon, nor other versions of Falcon 4.0.

These files modify the PMC Kurile Theater. Although there is some original work included, the base theater is based on, and the property of, PMC Tactical.

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?5si522m0gtoy3rf

Installation instructions:
Download and install the Kurile Theater version 0.2 from the PMC website.
Download the Kurile-Toonces folder.
Unzip to your Freefalcon5/theaters/Kurile folder, allowing it to overwrite files

Select Kurile theater. Exit completely from Freefalcon 5. Restart Freefalcon 5 and select the Divine Wind campaign.

This modification heavily modifies the Kurile Theater and the PMC Kurile save0.cam campaign file.

What is included:

Kurile theater image
New Kurile Theater music
Heavily modified save0.cam that alters the OOB to make it compatible with Freefalcon 5.55, and also bring the OOB more in line with the real world OOB.
Some ground unit edits
A Kurile Theater background document. It is in your Freefalcon5/theaters/kurile/documents folder.

The other two original PMC Kurile campaigns have not been edited, although the descriptions have. These are placeholders for future campaigns I am working on.

Please post and comments/criticisms or bugs here, and not in the official PMC Kurile Theater bug threads.

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Re: Divine Wind campaign for PMC Kurile Theater

Post by toonces » 2011-09-28 00:42:41

Despite this getting insanely low reviews, it remains one of my favorite scenarios to goof around in.

I corrupted my Kurile installation hacking around in there tonight. I am reinstalling, but I notice that the version I am using as a base for work is PMC Kurile Theater v.0.2. This is how it is labeled on my hard drive. Here is the readme text:

Falcon 4 PMC Kurile Theater v0.2

Please read online readme at:

Dec 12th, 2009.
Snake Man, PMC.

The change in dates and version numbers makes me think that I'm developing on an older, obsolete(?) theater...

Are there significant differences between these two versions?

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Re: Divine Wind campaign for PMC Kurile Theater

Post by Snake Man » 2011-09-28 01:13:36

Excellent question. I could not find "v0.2" from my hard drive development dirs because I have "v0.2.1" from July 22nd, 2010 however the download link and host server still only offers "v0.1", hehe talking about mess ;)

I also tried to search our forum, even google, but came out empty with v0.2.1 release. It might be that someone sent me some files (ccc most likely), I added it in, put in the new version/data just so I notice there is a difference for the next release. All in all, yes you are developing outdated version... at least if we talk about what's on my hdd, but you're in fact developing newer version what you can find from google, as crazy as that sounds :)
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