City of Mogadishu; old and new

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City of Mogadishu; old and new

Post by Snake Man » 2009-02-04 10:00:13

I am not 100% sure on this, but I've read some news (like BBC or something) that the present time Mogadishu city is almost completely destroyed, all the housing are like filled with bullet holes and so on.

Our mod wants to portrait the 1990 era Mog and also the present time. 90's we had the famous USMC/Ranger operations and present time we have the Ethiopian troops fighting the Islamic jihads.

Now before anyone goes nuts that hey that's even more work, well its sort of easy to do this on WRP level. We can have the one 90's era WRP made first, we use the more intact building models... and then when we do the present time destroyed version, we simply replace all the buildings with new models which have tons of bullet holes in them etc.

How to do those building models, well indeed many of them needs edits to the models, but some can be done just with textures. I think it might be easy as just copy paste bullet hole graphic in photoshop, but dunno as I'm not graphical artist.

Anyways, some thoughts I wanted to share on the state of Mogadishu city look.
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