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Story from HQ notes

Post by Snake_Man » 2005-06-03 10:34:17

Story of my mission, C1 Operation Harpoon.

Started at the hangar, grabbed the artillery radio from the table, listened to the excellent radio "frequency checks", very cool for atmosphere. Then wised up from the radio warning stuff (got scared numb even for the nuke strikes hehe) loaded my men into the helos to stand by. Grabbed the UAV and send her to the battlefield, this took awfully long time to fly that sucker in there. Also it has the nasty drift to the left on the steering, you have to crank it back and forth to keep her on straight course.

UAV got contacts while I moved SEAL's closer to the lighthouse. Also SEAL's didn't spot any AA threats (no vehicles). UAV spotted single shilka in south end of the runway, TLAM on way, absolutely direct hit on the stationary shilka. BOOOM!

Sent the helos on way to the LZ's. All went well, SF teams on the ground safely, no casualties. Chinook inserted troops near SEAL positions in the lighthouse, all went well.

Sent AH-64 in while myself took on the OH-58. Arty calls were available, TWT worked nicely. I flew almost formation with the gunship, it was cool to approach the northern coastline. Flew along the northern tip coastline at NOE, approached the airfield from N, NE. AH-64 opened up from high altitude to the T72 tanks, hellfires flying of the wings. I saw some smoke puffs on the ground below and aft from the gunship, damn infantry firing RPGs, I was on safe distance luckily.

Just as I aligned with the runways east side, having the tanks "above" me as I was using terrain as cover, I spotted approaching enemy vehicle dead ahead. Its a goddamn shilka patrolling, driving towards me like 200m out!

Fired the FFAR rockets like mad, by miracle I hit the shilka dead center. BOOM, hes dead and my heart was pounding like a crazy. That was one goddamn sneaky bastard I tell ya!

I lift up, I had enough excitement for one day (or one 10seconds more likely), AH-64 was slowly circling around the T72 burning wrecks, smoke was everywhere. We ruled the skies.

Yeah we ruled until the infantry machine gunners opened up from the airfield buildings, green tracers. I speed up and head NW towards the desert, as I alredy forgot the RPG fire coming from there. Apache stayed in the runway area behind me.

More green tracers, there are now MG fire coming towards my obeservation helo from the airfield, SE, from W and NW. Sky was filled with the green tracers while I took as much altitude and speed I could get to escape. And I did manage to escape, phefw!

I approached the west tip of the island near the buildings, there was SF guys and snipers on position waiting for orders. I landed there and get out from the OH-58. I ordered some M252 mortar fire to the buildings just beyond the ridgeline. Mortars hit the target while Ranger 1 and 2 squads with me are closing in. Snipers are covering our backs and SE side.

I checked the UAV, it seems to be lost. Propably ran out of fuel, huh.

Mortars are done and we scan the buildings, no movement, lets go. Rangers come from west and east at the same time, if there is anyone left alive that will be corrected within seconds. I finally enter the village center, nobody alive, heck not even bodies here. I guess we pounded with mortars just some poor old houses and garden flowers.

Just then I hear MG fire, M60's, friendlies are opening up on someone due east, far. I check them and surely they are engaged in long distance MG shoot'em up contest on the desert. I order the another inf squad to back the firing one up just in case it gets more heavier. I order SEAL's to back away and move east along the coastline and from there towards south at the east side of the runway to sneak on the enemys back.

More red infantry shows up, now both of the infantry squads in the open desert are engaged, first one calls out 2 men down. Damn, rangers move out and snipers behind. We got to help this guys. Now I hear constant MG fire, M60 and PKM. Oh yes, this is going to be fun.

Chinook was done loading and I sent her into the battle with two squads on infantry, LZ was marked boldy just few hundred meters behind the two engaged inf squads, we go the get the backup there ASAP. Rangers and I were running towards east now.

I noticed that I havent seen the gunship for a while. Checked the map, no AH-64 icon anywhere. Damned, someone must have shot her down. Is there another shilka? No, cannot be because the AA objective was completed. Also the enemy tanks objective is now completed. I didn't even notice it during the firefight.

While we ran across the desert I hear the flapping noise from the chinook's rotors, she flew over us and started to descent to insert the troops. My heart was pounding while the big bird came to a stop and touched down. Now if ever the hell opens up on her, if there are any RPG soldiers around, they surely will fire. Infantry started to jump out, I could count the men coming out... first squad out, all good... and then second. All out safely, great. CH-47 liftoff and flew back to the HQ islet in NW.

Now we got all the guys on the ground, new squads moved into position while rangers and I reached firing distance. At this time the firefight was all over, and I think we get one or more casualties while we were approaching the area. Snipers were now on the high ground overlooking the fuel station and runway in the east.

I took cover behind Ranger 1 squad and some trees while thinking about new strategy. Then I hear sniper rifle going off just like 100m SE from my position, it scared the heck outta me. Being a curious, I moved along with the ranger 1 squad towards the wooden shack and intersection where the ranger snipers were located. Sure enough they were aiming for targets several hundred meters due east.

When I got next to the sniper laying on the ground, I bring up binocs and see a distant red infantry man running on the desert. BANG! and two seconds later I see a red buff of blood coming from the red soldier when he stumbles on the ground. A kill for ranger sniper...

I start to order the infatry around, first goes the grunts and then SF behind them as I honestly didn't find any sneaky tactics for them at the moment when we were approaching the fuel station. More red infantry coming from the mentioned station, ranger sniper fires up while I watch in silence when one after another the red soldiers fall in the desert battlefield...

Remaining soldiers take notice and new group of them seem to start to approach along the tree/bush cover towards us. I order one inf squad and both ranger teams to intercept them. Few minutes later beyond the ridgeline I hear ranger COLT M4's opening up. I ran up to the sounds and while I reach the ridgeline to get line of sight, I only see last red infantry man going down. So much for the red tactics to use cover.

I order the infantry squads, rangers and snipers to approach the fuel station. This time I send Ranger 1 directly to take the station while inf squads cover all sides, snipers stayed behind with me.

The fuel station was empty. I got there, there was UAZ and Ural along with some ammo boxes. At this time following my orders Ranger 2 and one sniper team approached towards south from my position so they overlook the airfield from western hillside.

Two inf squads approached from the road into west side of the airfield. Rest of us took the north end of the runway. SEALs where getting closer to the airfield buildings.

At this time I remember the briefing, TLAMs, use 'em or lose 'em it said. So I bring up the comms to the SSN Augusta and order WDU strike on the airfield buildings. Few minutes later the sleek tomahawk missile streaks above me (actually scared me again), I could actually see it fly past and just as it disappeared from my view, a big, huge red fireball appeared above the assigned target. Second or two later the BOOOOM sound reached me. Few secondary explosions was heard also, that was good hit.

Ranger 2 and snipers were in position, they reported several aircrafts and support vehicles on the runways. I order a strike with BLU cluster bomblets. Another few minutes later I hear the screaming sound of the overflying tomahawk, then the runway just seemed to like disappear on the several white smoke buffs as the cluster bombs hit the target. Again several secondaries from the vehicles that turned into fireballs on the tarmack.

Now we close up on the runway buildings. It amazes me that while I was scanning the forest near the good guys (ranger 2 and sniper team) I spot some infantry standing around. Now I know how the desert camo looks in this terrain and these guys didn't look like wearing desert camo to me. Yep, bad guys, damn reds just hanging around waiting for something at stone throws away from the Ranger 2 squad. I order them to move and few moments later they make contact, again those M4's fire and reds die. But uh oh, rangers report one man down. Damned! I tried to look through my binocs but I cannot see the fallen Ranger. It must have been that one of the reds got a rifle grenade away, or was it perhaps a hand grenade, they surely were that close. Well, rangers took full red infantry squad but with the price of one of their own.

Then again I forgot to listen whats going on the radio network, I see a mech infantry marker on the map at the south end of the runway. I bring my binocs along and yep, there sure is one BMP2 standing there. How the heck did I miss him before!

I check upon Augusta, they report they are out of BLU warheads so I order which must be like the last WDU warhead they have. Target the mech infantry icon and order a strike. Few minutes and some radio chatter later Augusta reports TLAM on way its target. At this time I was approaching the west side of the airfield along the hillside to have better overview of the target. And yeah it was my backup plan to grab a red RPG from some poor soul the Rangers wasted in the woods, if the tomahawk misses or something.

I hear the tomahawk flying from north directly aligned with the airfield runway. Thats always way cool, now SSN Augusta is stationed directly like west from our position, several kilometers out in the ocean. She firest the cruise missile to fly above the ocean north side of the island, then the missile turns south and approaches the target with flight path that goes perfectly over the runway. Thats so cool.

The cruise missile reaches its target and turns into a big fireball with huge shockwave. Just fraction of second later (remember I was much closer now) I hear the extreme explosion that just rings in my ears. BOOOM! and the BMP2 flies up in the air in flames from the massive explosion. Another one for the US Navy.

After this there was nothing more left to do to call TG3 and report that enemy has been neutralized and airfield has been captured. I got excellent mission rating from HQ.

All in days work at PMC Command Campaign ;)

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