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Command Campaign suggestions

Post by Taconic » 2004-11-09 21:30:32

I don't know if the CC is even still in development, but I grabbed the latest version this weekend and I've been playing it a bit. I'm liking it much more than the last version. I'm glad you took my suggestion to add the 5ts. :P

Anyway, if you're still working on it (and I really hope that you are since there is a dearth of CE missions,) I have a few more suggestions.

1.) Make the second mission (the defense of the airfield) take place at sunset. It's more difficult than it should be since every unit doesn't have NVGs. The NVG view also makes it difficult to use the map and radio when remote viewing.

2.) Something needs to be done about the AA. I see that you've removed the satelite script, which definetely makes things harder... However, it makes your gunships useless. No aircraft enters a combat area without at least knowing the general vicinity of AA emplacements, and the player can't even get a general idea of the AA's location without the SAT view.

I would do the following:

-Replace some of the roving Shilkas with stationary ZSU-23-2s from Marfy's MTLB pack or DKM's APC pack

-Confine the remainder of the roving AA to a smaller area

-Mark off possible locations of AA platforms in the briefing. Add satelite recon photos (not revealing everything, of course) to aid the player a bit

-Add the ability to call in strikes from fixed wing aircraft. Arty (aside from the cruise missiles, which are better employed against high value targets) is impractical to employ against an AA emplacement in OFP. Gunships get cut to ribbons. An A-10 strike, on the other hand, would be able to make quick work of it once you know exactly where it is.

It's good that the player can't use his aircraft with reckless abandon, but it's bad that, as things currently are, any gunship sortie is practically a suicide mission thanks to hidden AA that can't be dealt with from afar.

3.) Add satelite recon photos in the briefing for various targets (towns, airfields, etc.) Not to reveal everything (they should be somewhat outdated,) but to assist the player in planning his strike. It's difficult to get the exact lay of the land around the target without the sat script.

4.) Allow for a unit or two of Rangers to be airdropped like the SEALs can be in your old Everon CE mission. Maybe even make use of one of the C-130 addons for this.

This would enable you to get eyes on the ground behind enemy lines before their AA network is disabled.

5.) A more dynamic enemy. This aspect seems to be improved over past versions, but I still think more can be done (ex: conidtional triggers that cause an Mi-17 to airlift a couple of Spetsnaz squads to certain locations. Russian airstrikes (this would of course require the addition of a few AA squads and vulcans to the mission.) Conditional triggers that cause the Russians to make a concerted attempt to retake a target that the player has captured. Etc.)

6.) The addition of a squad of Engineers that can lay mine fields (scripted, so that the player doesn't have to order each mine placement) and "build" static defenses like machineguns and possibly sandbags. I think that this is a feature that would get a lot of use. I don't know about anybody else, but I think it would be nice to be able to set up defensive emplacements in captured towns or to even be able to hasily throw up a foward staging area in the field.

Anyway, that's my take on it. You've done a good job with the CC. My only real complaint about it is that the missions take an hour or two to complete, but that's typical of pretty much any CE mission. :P

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Re: Command Campaign suggestions

Post by TA-50 » 2004-11-10 20:15:19

It seems I'm always piggy-backing Kuri's comments...

Kuri made alot of good comments. In earlier posts, other members mentioned enemy artillery missions. For example,

The air defense artillery (ADA) situation is such that most frontline air mobile movement is sucidal, let alone gunship support. Now bear with me, I've been in the enlisted US Army some three years and am now a West Point cadet, I'd like to think I can plan a decent operation. But I operate blind without the potential scouting actions of my aerial cavalry. Now although it adds dimension to, say: sneak seals or rangers in covertly to destroy ADA assets before an attack, or to use arty for SEAD missions, the results often blow my mind. There is nothing more disheartening to use my gunships as secondary efforts and seeing them gunned down by an unseen foe. Invariably air assets remain grounded, or (arguably worst) piloted by humans.

Also, have you considered using the counter-arty scripts developed earlier by CoC? Some UA arty demo missions featured a script which included an arty radar which could approximate where enemy fire came from. Shortly after a friendly battery fired, OPFOR would fire upon its location and an arty duel would begin, a neat feature. It may detract from the intent of your scheme of battle however.

One last thing, what's the distinction between the SEALs and the Rangers in your campaign. Okay..., they have different weapons, but are the SEALs steathier for the Rangers? Are they intended for recon use?

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