PMC HELP - issue with save.fps and continue.fps

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PMC HELP - issue with save.fps and continue.fps

Post by eighty8 » 2004-04-02 08:13:28

Hi, I'm a big fan of the PMC projects. I've played most of your campaigns and found them very good. I am having trouble with your PMC command campaign. Nearly everytime I load the game from a save or retry point the game exits to desk top and a error message saying

"Cannot Load 'UsersCathy Stephenssavedcampaignspmc_command_campaigncontinue.fps'. Error 'No Entry' at '/GameState/Variables/Item21/data.value

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game incase it was my system but that didn't fix it. The only mission that it doesn't seem to do it on is the first one. Please let me know if you have any idea how to fix this.



Re: PMC HELP - issue with save.fps and continue.fp

Post by Snake_Man » 2004-04-02 15:03:22

This is the known OFP SaveGame bug (at least for the hardcore developer types) which comes from large missions.

I would suggest that you DO NOT SAVE the mission, but instead just use ESC and then ABORT to quit the mission. You should be able to continue the mission when you next time arrive to the campaign - pmc command cmp menu selection. At least thats what I remember the last time I played mission when I needed to shutdown OFP/computer during a mission.

Try it out.

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Re: PMC HELP - issue with save.fps and continue.fp

Post by eighty8 » 2004-04-05 07:48:25

Thanks for the advice

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Post by Snake Man » 2007-11-07 11:45:43

I'm not sure if this works, I have not tried it but tourist posted this on our PMC Baltic Command topic in BIS forums:
To all people suffering from the savegame bug when playing the PMC Baltic Command campaign: Because I did not get the savegame bug in the Abandoned Armies mission from Thobson anymore after playing it only on an unmodified island, I never had to try out his last-resort-workaround. But I applied his method on PMC Baltic Command and it worked. Basically you can play and save as you wish; just after exiting the game, make sure to:

rename the three savegame files autosave.fps (comes from the radio save option), save.fps (its the one savegame you get by default in OFP) and continue.fps (what you get when you hit Escape and Abort) to something like

autosavenix.fps, savenix.fps and continuenix.fps.

To do this open the folder within OFP containing user data. There look for the PMC BAltic Command folder. Inside are the three savegames, provided you saved in all three ways of course.

Then start the mission again from the beginning. As soon as you are in the mission, press ALT and TAB. Rename all three saves to their correct names. Go back to the game via Task symbol and press load or continue. I tried it this morning. It worked for me.

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