Vietnam: The Experience v1.6 Release Candidate

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Vietnam: The Experience v1.6 Release Candidate

Post by Snake Man » 2016-12-06, 06:23:37 PM

Vietnam: The Experience v1.6 Release Candidate 1

This is VTE v1.6 RC 1. It's not to be distributed on all news sites but you are free to download and recommend to your friends etc, just please don't post this to news sites as this is kind of unofficial thing and RC 2 might show up in any minute.

Most likely RC 1 is the only RC and then we get the official final v1.6 release.

No changelog available as of now, I kind of sort of like to keep it as surprise for final release. Changes are from v1.5.27 release until present time, a lot of upgrades, tweaks and fixes. However not to leave you totally cold here are the highlights:

VTE v1.6 Highlights
  • Proper names for two terrains
  • Terrains reworked, optimized, bugs fixed, lot of under the hood stuff improved.
  • Terrains some satellite textures improved and couple of brand new ones added.
  • Aircombat terrain added low / high canopy jungles, great improvement on the old empty terrain.
  • PACV hovercraft get-in bug fixed.
  • A7 Corsair get-in bug fixed.
  • ai infantry m72 law wont fire on vehicles, fixed.
  • ashau and mdsz freeze due too many objects on top of each other on small area, fixed.
I don't assume anyone testing and reporting back issues, so I'll keep this RC up and do some editing and when I feel like its ready for release, it will be released. Most likely this wont take many days, so yes VTE v1.6 release might be just a few days away, we'll see.

However any testing feedback would be greatly appreciated. Remember that v1.6 will be the last release for arma2 because after that VTE development switches over to arma3, so if you want something fixed speak up now or forever hold your peace (arma2 wise) ;)

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