OTP Standard Cutter Sent

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OTP Standard Cutter Sent

Post by Com_GP » 2003-10-13 07:54:30

Just came here to say "hi" to an old friend (SnakeMan) and to let you know that ive already sent you the OTP Standard Cutter, if you have any problems with it or you want some new features just let me know.


Re: OTP Standard Cutter Sent

Post by Snake_Man » 2003-10-13 09:11:25

OK Buddy, nice to see you in OFP forum :)

I'll make sure to give good test on the OTP software and I'll bet it comes to good use in OFP scene.

Thanks, much appreciated.

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Re: OTP Standard Cutter Sent

Post by Grenadier » 2004-02-19 23:47:38

??? Curiosity is peaked :)

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