PMC Dynamic CE with y2k3 mod possible?

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PMC Dynamic CE with y2k3 mod possible?

Post by flash_po » 2005-11-28 14:01:38

is there any way to use y2k3 mod with this campaign. please help.


Re:  PMC Dynamic CE with y2k3 mod possible?

Post by Snake_Man » 2005-11-28 22:40:42

No. Its not designed for any of those.

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Re:  PMC Dynamic CE with y2k3 mod possible?

Post by cj525 » 2005-11-29 00:28:52

1 post to send pm....done ;)


Re:  PMC Dynamic CE with y2k3 mod possible?

Post by Snake_Man » 2005-11-29 07:59:03


Yeah I'd like to clear something up. PMC Dynamic CE campaign uses LSR Rangers and SEALs, bas Blackhawks and JAM2. I am assuming that these 2ky and ffurr replace basic BIS units with similar new usermade ones. So if I'm correct... whats the point of running such thing as the mission already uses usermade stuff.

All I can say that I used the addons listed in the readme, mission uses scripts for tank vehicle explosion effects so at least those would conflict any of these 2k2y, fuurr and ecp things. PMC missions are not designed to be played with those and in near future I cannot imagine PMC would start to design missions for those.

Call me oldschool, but I just do not see the catch on these replacement mods and the only experience I had with ecp was from install point on so horrible that I'm still getting shivers.

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Re:  PMC Dynamic CE with y2k3 mod possible?

Post by Mike » 2005-11-29 12:08:11

First let me say I dont use *any* of these mods myself. Yet !

I have checked some of them out as being ok, but all of them assist in creating dumbed down Ai because the cpu crunch needed for the ai brain is being diluted.

But, the point behind them, especially ECP, is to provide a more universal interface to many of the things you have already done in say your excellent VTE mod. Vte MOD is a mod for Vietnam-only missions, wheras, the functions available in ECP are more universal, even though they do exactly the same thing. Burn scripts eg and etc.

IF you were starting VTE from scratch, you *might* have considered using a universal pack such as Y2k3 rather than re-invent the wheel. You didn't because it wasn't. But a future mod of yours or anyone else's might indeed decide to use them. I would doubt that they do very much 'enhancement' for any of your current stuff because you've been there and dun that.

It's not a reason though to disqualify ecp or y2k as being useless.

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