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Editing PMC Tank Hunter

Post by privateguba » 2011-07-30 03:53:28

Hey Snake Man,

Tank Hunter is by far my favorite campaign of all time in OFP.

Recently I've upgraded to a Core I5 750, from a Sempron 2800 with a 6200 geforce. I've still got to
buy a better Graphic card for it before I go into Arma2 (and Arma1 for that matter.)

But even with the weak GF8400, something happens that didn't happen with the weaker hardware: after
the 3rd mission starts (the mission after the one where you contact the US official) some 2 or 3
minutes into it, starts to progressively lag, until 1fps. I wait for 20 minutes hidden inside a
house with battles around me, the Lag doesn't go.

It simply didn't happen with the weaker machine. With the old pc there were sometimes of lag, I
guess to calculate and spawn/respawn the dynamic battles, but it usually got better in a couple of
minutes. Now it runs like a dream, of course, I can play with 5000 vd and normal terrain, until the
crazy lag. Maybe there's a detection script for the CPU benchmark and it goes crazy with it? The old
machine was something like 4000 points the new is 12000.

I kept retrying the mission and the best that happened was a crazy attack from the soviets: They
kept spawning from the south, like some big anfibian landing, and symply steamrolled the US!

I know that you stopped with OFP missions. I'm asking for permission to post in the BIS forums
editing section if you don't want to take a look at it. Maybe someone could help me there.

I'd also like to know about more missions/campaigns like this if you have or play them. For Arma 1
and 2 as well, I'm almost there with the hardware. And permission to port this campaign to other OFP
islands and catch some bugs if someone helps me.

Best regards.


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Re: Editing PMC Tank Hunter

Post by Snake Man » 2011-07-30 10:47:45

You absolutely wont believe this but, just yesterday I spent best part of the day to port PMC Tank Hunter to ArmA 2 :D

But you can yourself edit the OFP version for quick a fix, unpack the PMC_Tank_Hunter.pbo with Mikero's ExtractPbo, then use good text editor to edit Scripts\war.sqs file. Search for:

Code: Select all

; new stuff from pmc dyn ce 
; unit maxes regarding CPU powah!
if (benchmark < 3000) then { MaxEast=50/2; MaxWest=MaxEast; };
if (benchmark > 3000) then { MaxEast=80/2; MaxWest=MaxEast; };
if (benchmark > 4000) then { MaxEast=100/2; MaxWest=MaxEast; };
if (benchmark > 5000) then { MaxEast=150/2; MaxWest=MaxEast; };
if (benchmark > 7000) then { MaxEast=200/2; MaxWest=MaxEast; };
And change that to lets say:

Code: Select all

MaxEast=100/2; MaxWest=MaxEast;
Then use Mikero's MakePbo to pack the PMC_Tank_Hunter dir back to a PBO.

Then try to play if the slowdown stops. If it stops and you enjoy the mission AI activity, then all is good, if it feels light then you can try MaxEast=150/2 or something like that.

Let me know if you have any problems doing that edit, I can do it for you then. But for now don't publicly do any edits, even as I've quite OFP editing I'm still around and don't like if unofficial versions start to float around there.

BTW I moved this topic to OFP Missions area.
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Re: Editing PMC Tank Hunter

Post by privateguba » 2011-07-30 19:47:12

That did it! I set benchmark>7000 to 150.

Thanks a lot!

And a port to Arma 2 is even more reason to buy that new 560ti. Just 2 more months...

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