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PMC Dynamic CE - the real dynamic campaign

Post by Snake Man » 2006-12-15 04:21:20

PMC Dynamic CE

v0.2 December 15th, 2006.

This is DYNAMIC campaign using the CoC Command Engine. This is work in progress, but it is awesome campaign as is (even if I say so myself heh). I've had tons of fun playing this, as I do love the long CoC CE missions on large environments. The island is PMC Rattler which lets me use viewdistance of 2000m without anykind of slowdowns, my computer is AMD XP 2800+, 1gb ram and Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb. It is pure enjoyment to command your troops in this enviroment. Enemy is the basic Russian JAM3 troops which are coming after all the objectives in the island, your goal is to do the same and/or stop the russians.

Few of the (scripting) features of this campaign are aimed more to the hardcore PMC mission fans, meaning that you can for example teleport mortars and artillery tubes around the battlefield freely, so the goal is to use it realisticly only one time when its suitable to move the arty. I have skipped the CH-47 Chinook transport phase for the artillery due time/scripting requirements, but I'm planning on doing it later. So dont go pac-man on here guys, think realisticly. Dont transfer the arty near where the enemy is, protect them at all times as real commanders do.

You can see the changelog from below, but in quick overview the campaign has really gotten a facelift, its very much more enjoyable now with the new stuff put in. Alot of tweaks and fixes were in which help to improve gameplay.

Notice that on top of the normal PMC addon thingys like seen on other our campaigns, this one is using the SA-11 Gadfly from BKM, its a real killer for your helos so watch out.

I'm currently looking for a real name for this campaign, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. And most importantly, anykind of feedback you can provide is extremely valuable for me at this point as development of this campaign continues. If you have any suggestions, comments or critique, please post it on our forums (link bottom of this readme). You can help develop this campaign with your feedback.

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Dec 15th, 2006. v0.2
- added random armor vehicle to all occupied cities.
- tried to add dead checks for enemy arty fire script.
- added relocate feature for M252 and M101 artillery.
- added Kamov helicopter to russian arsenal.
- missing addon ags_industrial_pack error, fixed.
- added JAM3 and LSR weapons/ammo to gear.
- added bn880's weather, its saved between missions.
- added GPS for players equipments.
- added hopefully working final victory condition (kill enough enemies).
- added shell radar for artillery.
- medevac crew wont board helo and dont go to medic tent, fixed.
- gunship rearm is not working, should be fixed now.
- changed artydefense to move around in 300m radius.
- artymission obj marker colors and triggers tweaked.
- added beginning radiotext for medevac, ammo drop and lz scripts.
- Inf Fb was really a Inf Eb, fixed.
- long-waypoint problem in all helo scripts, fixed.
- arty mission defenses arent working, fixed.
- tried to tweak main campaign victory conditions.
- added detected marker/radiocomms for arty mission targets.
- arty mission ending trigger syntax error/something, fixed.
- added passing time between missions.
- put all aircraft scripts are full speed, 85 altitude.
- added "static" air defense soldiers to US HQ.
- resistance was friendly to west, changed to east (T55G tanks).
- added ammo drop helo script.
- added LZ scripts including helo refuel/rearm/repair feature.
- added bn880 tracer setup for 3rd and 5rd firing, snipers no tracers at all.
- added few ground vehicles for US base.

Nov 23rd, 2005. v0.1b
- new release, separate from the island.

Nov 12th, 2005.
- initial release in BIS & PMC forums, included in PMC Rattler island.
Required Addons

These are the addons you need in the campaign, you must download and install them

PMC Rattler - PMC Tactical
LSR Ranger/Deltas -
bas Blackhawks -
JAM3 (three!) -
CAVS Vehicles - here
SA-11 Gadfly -
CoC Unified Artillery - filefront Mirror 1 -
CoC Tomahawks - CoC homepage
CoC Mines - CoC download Mirror 1 - filefront Mirror 2 -
CoC Divers v1.0 - CoC download Mirror 1 -
Bn880 Tracers v1.24 - BIS topic

Finally, the campaign itself. Download v0.2 here - 95kb.

We are looking feedback from anyone playing this campaign, please post to the PMC Tactical homepage here
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