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ArmA 2 OA multiplayer

Post by Snake Man » 2010-07-02, 11:41:18 PM

Since the release of ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead (OA) I've been playing little bit of multiplayer (MP). I was actually on the servers just HOURS after the Jun 29th Sprocket activation came to effect, it was funny to see only less than one page long list of servers, when now... the server list is several pages.

Tonight few days after the release of OA I was on the server list browsing, without the exception of official missions and some old missions like Domination, there was one repeating issue on all the missions I joined... no briefing at all. Why is that?

Its quite pathetic to see missions without briefings, some even without any map markers. Yes people often do not read briefings but that is NO excuse to leave them out, hell you got to have tasks in ArmA 2. PMC has been one of those organizations who do addons with the attitude that lets get it in-game & playable and work out finer details later, but I'd say that mission without briefing/tasks is unacceptable as its unplayable even for a quick hack job.

I really really hope this lack of briefings will be fixed in the coming days/weeks.

What is the purpose of this topic, other than bitch about lack of briefings? Well I sort of wanted to collect my thoughts on MP, what works, what doesn't, which type of missions get played and so forth, to sum it all up on one topic which is easy to reference lateron.

What I've been playing now, the most enjoyable feeling came from small COOP mission only with 3-5 guys, when major missions/servers with 30+ guys on Domination or warfare type mission (I only experienced domination) are just mindless frenzy.

Now instead of sorting out the servers with most players (which of course to some degree is important), I tend to search for interesting missions instead. Have a COOP / interesting mission with 3+ guys and I join that server any day over warfare with 30+ guys. Maybe its just me? :)

Please feel free to post your MP experiences in OA if you got them so far.
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Re: ArmA 2 OA multiplayer

Post by fox123 » 2010-07-03, 03:25:29 AM

I've got to agree with you about the briefings.

I haven't played much MP, but I played some domination. Was pretty buggy, helicopter loading system didn't work well, little to no teamwork unless i got my friends to play...

I'm going to stay away until i get some friends to play organized stuff.

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Re: ArmA 2 OA multiplayer

Post by GrunT » 2011-11-14, 01:46:32 AM

If the damn game browser had small chat box we can chat with players on how to join, were get addons and mods more peeps would play its damn hard for some to put folders in specific places, when your playing the game you can see clients trying to get in all the time, so when see that leave game stay in game browser and chat with poor bastered...!

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