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PMC Silent Bat - CEX campaign

Post by Snake Man » 2009-09-13 08:01:58

PMC Silent Bat (formerly known as "PMC Cmp1")

v0.4 Sep 13th, 2009.

Command Engine X (CEX) campaign with 28 straight forward combat missions. You have several infantry squads, special forces, tanks and helicopters as well as artillery in your disposal. It is up to you to command your troops into victory.

Please read the online manual at PMC addons/mods manuals: PMC Silent Bat.


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--- fixes v0.4
- created brand new opening cutscene.
- major improvement to final cutscene.
- 06-28 added intro cutscene.
- weather is too cloudy/rainy, fixed, sort of.
- added enemy helo guard.
- blackhawk map marker is heloattack, fixed to medium airlift.
- 03 changed AH6 map marker to recon.
- 01 no binocs for team leaders, added.
- 04 added snipers.
- all missions with same briefing notes, added more.
- removed the description.ext onloadmission entry which was lame.
- 04-28 changed briefings from "your forces start at rahmadi" to "HQ is at rahmadi" instead.
- adjusted 01-03 briefings to reflect the unit types on starting location.
- added notification of armored vehicles arriving into sahrani mainland.
- 01-04 has different overview.html text, replaced with "campaign mission".
- 14 adjusted units starting as tanks engaged immediately with 5km viewdistance.
- 14 added keep out warning to the briefing.
Discussion and feedback for this campaign at our forums here.

Download PMC_silent_bat_v0.4.rar - 184kb.
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