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Military Codename generators

Post by Snake Man » 2009-05-25 13:57:55

Finding a simple name to your mission or campaign is the most difficult part of creating them :)

Here is list of few military codename generators that I have used.

That is the generator I used mostly when making the 200+ missions for PMC Fury, naming them was a total nightmare, I must have hammered that site for thousands of times.

This is brand new site for me, so far it looks at start quite complex, but in the military codenames and simplifying the creation of them it lacks a bit. I mean I don't need any microsoft codenames to be used, also the drop downs only allow you to choose one, not like "use all" but I guess that would be proper as there indeed are those unusable categories.

Is quite OK site, some airsoft hobbyists I believe, that site is easy to use, just refresh once and you are provided 10 codenames right away.

If anyone has more codename generator links, please post them here.
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