Please HELP!!!

Campaign using BIS standard units

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Please HELP!!!

Post by Lebedis » 2004-12-23, 05:48:03 PM

Damn,help me! I am tired of my PC crashing everytime my ofp crashes.I dont understand when i had got Celeron 750 mhz;32-64 ram,voodoo3dfx, i dont remember what sound card,widows 98-ofp worked perfectly and now with my new athlon +2700,256ram,ge-force 5200,windows xp,sound C-media AC97 ofp crashes!!!Every time shilka or other cannon shot my sound slows down and the pc restarts.Some times ofp crashes if diferent guns,cannons etc. shots at the same time.WTF? I have udated all drives,instaled via 4in1 driver and tried all windows.HELP!!!

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