Ending cutscene

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Ending cutscene

Post by Snake_Man » 2003-05-01, 03:19:08 AM

What a relief, whaaat a reeliief I tell ya!

Now the PMC Fury campaign's ending cutscene is done... its done so I like it, of course its far from any quality cutscenes but what can you do.

I'm Very happy now that PMC Fury is complete :)

Now we just need to get the beta testing completed and v1.0 status slammed on the top cover.

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Re: Ending cutscene

Post by The_Avon_Lady » 2003-05-02, 04:56:18 AM

I see I came back to check what's going on just at the right time! ;)
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Re: Ending cutscene

Post by Reacher » 2003-10-02, 03:53:03 AM

Snake, don't tell me that I'm the first one to get to that final cutscene?

Well, Houston, we have a problem. :) Snake, you liked it so much that you made it repeat endlessly! Yup, when it finishes, instead of it taking you back to the OFP Main menu, it just repeats itself. I had to use Cont-Alt-Delete to shut down OFP! ;D

Anyway, this isn't the place to post this, but I couldn't help myself when I saw this post. ;)

I'm posting some other things on the last mission on the regular beta message.



Re: Ending cutscene

Post by Snake_Man » 2003-10-02, 04:19:53 AM

Congratulations for completing the campaign and many many thanks for your valuable bug reports.

You can be sure I'll be fixing those, in fact the ending cutscene's endless loop has been fixed right now. Thank you.

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