Where to get old campaign?

Campaign using BIS standard units

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Where to get old campaign?

Post by Hacker » 2003-01-08, 04:33:16 PM

I'd really like to play the old campaign, but I've missed the DL and I don't know, where I can get it from. Can someone give me a link or something?

Thx, and, great work, guys!


Re: Where to get old campaign?

Post by admin » 2003-01-09, 09:20:48 AM

Sorry for answering to your question with a question... but why do you want the "old" campaign? You dont have Resistance?

If you have Resistance then there is no reason to want to have the "old" campaign zip. If you don't have, I believe that the first 60 missions at the moment work even on v1.46 OFP.

I dont want to spread the zip format "old" campaign anymore, I realize this is tough luck for the people who have not bought Resistance, but thats life in the OFP scene. Sorry :)


Re: Where to get old campaign?

Post by Snake_Man » 2003-01-09, 09:23:27 AM

Oops, that was me posting, wonder why it came with that big bad administrator account ;)

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