BETA Campaign available!

Campaign using BIS standard units

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BETA Campaign available!

Post by Snake_Man » 2002-12-16, 02:31:07 AM

There has been lot of confusion again about the new campaign beta downloads, so...

The site has been updated now and the old non pbo campaign totally removed. You can now only download the BETA version of the new campaign including ALL the 200+ missions without radio voice files making the download size nice and compact 1.6mb

When we have BETA tested the whole campaign to be compatible with LATEST OFP VERSION, we will release the final version of PMC Fury. I'd expect this to take some time, so please help us beta test it and report any bugs or anomalies you encounter when playing PMC Fury. Thank You.


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Re: BETA Campaign available!

Post by tommei » 2002-12-16, 06:57:42 AM

Thanks. Downloaded it a couple of days ago and started playing immediately. Will tell you how it goes after I´ve finished a couple of more missions. Looking good.

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Re: BETA Campaign available!

Post by ghostbearco » 2003-04-04, 11:54:56 AM

Just interested to know weather thier will be voice acting for this version. I really enjoyed the first mission of the last campaign because you acted the voices. Also some of the missions in the last PMC Fury were horribly hard (Sweet Sweep and the mission with the Castle near Sainte Peirre) can we please have one or two more retry points (or maybe I should get better at Flashpoint).

BTW I have made a version of Strike Eagle from the soviets point of view. If you would like to play it please email me and I can send it to you.

Thank you for all your efforts, keep up the good work.

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Re: BETA Campaign available!

Post by Mike » 2003-04-05, 10:56:20 AM

>200+ missions

?? This confuses me, I've downloaded 10b.r5 and it appears to have a little over 60 missions. I've played them all thru, but 200 + missions????


Re: BETA Campaign available!

Post by Snake_Man » 2003-04-05, 06:51:35 PM

?? This confuses me, I've downloaded 10b.r5 and it appears to have a little over 60 missions.
There was bug on the campaign control file which made OFP crash after the last "old" mission (about mission 60 or 61 cant remember the exact amount).

I have to admit that I dont even remember if the fix is on the latest update availble on the download page here. Oh well it surely will be on the next update.

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Re: BETA Campaign available!

Post by flak » 2003-04-07, 10:22:26 PM

Fellas- just a brief word of thanks.
I d.loaded your maps over ---12 months ago? I just came back to your site to see loads of good stuff. Now I am coop- multi player freak i have a renewed interest in your maps! Its like visiting an old friend ;)

I am advidly reccomending to all GS players and Resistance folks I run into to d.load your maps ASAP.
THX Flak

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