Rev 20 Bugz Missions A38 to ...

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Rev 20 Bugz Missions A38 to ...

Post by Mike » 2004-05-03, 04:08:33 AM

A38 Eternal Star

always eternal.

I've always had difficulty with this mission at each iteration (rev level). A few miserable tanks and bmp's seem to get blown up out of yourr vision range by the choppers. Something like 2 or 3 squads of enemy sorta kinda make a half hearted attack on the base, but chicken out by the choppers. the rest of the mission (I think) is spent looking for them. Which of course is outright impossible. Dunno if your supposed to stick your finger in the air and blow whole forests away with artillery, but i can never get this miserable mission to do anything.

A39 Proud Eagle

Rev notes say it's fixed. It's not. still wont end.

problem _appears_ to be that some few enemy get stuck within building walls and you nor they, can see each other. Actually wouldn't know, but it's rare indeed that this mission ever triggers into the second phase (counter attack). Attacking the garrision of 2xBMP's and T72 doesn't help becuase the first part of mission never completes.

A46 Intense Ivan

revnotes say it's 'tweaked'. It still ends mission complete in the middle of a huge tank battle.

A64 fire fortress

mission now ends, but, our tanks don't actually do anything. The squad is left to deal with FOUR T72's on it's own.

A67 Fast Escape

very fast escape. And death. roping out rarely works 1/10 times. Most always all squad ends in a heap, dead. Also, you can get in chopper without your squad and it takes off without them.

A70 Pink Air

still will not end. It _might_ be related to blowing bmps out of water before they land, maybe not. I kill off the first enemy chopper but there's still chopper noise, indicating either a 2nd enemy that never arrives, or, the nato relief that never arrives, either way, it doesn't end. This Tranche of three (69,70,71) all have a similar theme.

A73 blue relief

missing radio message (chopper coming)

A75 OP liberty

hope i have the right one here, it's the mission where your support chopper gets shot out of the sky (great mission snake, really fierce)

chopper STILL does not take off home, but, wierdly, if you sit in the thing long enough, radio message 'welcome back' and mission ends.

also, it's not clear WHICH chopper to get into. the civils head for the chinook, but you?

A79..81 scuds scuds and more .....

umm, day 1, the radio message appears too early, you still have a 3rd scud waiting for you at trosky? (sp)

day 2. there are no scuds.

A85 Final Invasion

still a mess. basically our tanks don't meet up with their tanks
leaving my squad to deal with 4 energetic T72's

A86 Bear Trap

Wouldn't have a clue when mission ends, their tanks etc get blown up by our gunships 2kms away. forced to use the radio exit

A89 City Eagle

Now plays like a slug. What was, a great attack on Lipany has gone awol. Your bravo squad simply don't appear from Okluhuko, they just dissapear ! (most) of the defenders in Lipany stand waiting to get shot, some just hide, ends up that you can't find all of them to trigger the final phase, the counter attack. What happened to this mission????

A91 Determined Shield

remains a determined dog. your squad attack nothing, hit nothing spend all their time dying , or running anywhere else but where you are going, the enemy choppers, eventually get destroyed after hitting them with AA 8 or nine times (instead of once). Their bmps and tanks end up in center of town with our squad, and our backup just looking at them, this remains a pig of a mission, now, with a different loop.

A96 Bear Hug

Mission wont end (probably a pilot somewhere) Dont care. tired of finding this type of bug all the time.

B00 Valley Breeze

some fixes, but, the radio complete messages are totally awol and misleading.

3rd target radio completes approx 10 mins into mission, regardless, no matter what (i think the soldiers guarding it go elsewhere)

1st target radio completes if, (for example), you fire at squad and they then all jump in bmp and take off.

2nd target radio completes even though there's two  reinforcement squads in the town attacking you.

all of which is very misleading,

B03 Safe Sparrow
this silly mission remains silly. How do you kill off 12 tanks?

B06..8 scud hunt version 2.

yeah yeah. a total of 30 tanks against you. no opportuniy to reload btwn missions (no ammo dump) no chance at all if medic is hit. squad is equipped with night vision and this ridiculous series was _probably intended for a sneaky night attack. Regardless, mission 2 will not end despite radio messages saying so, mission 3 does not tick evac point. I wont trouble myself testing this scud nonsense again. If it stays buggy at rev21, it can remain so.

B11 Infinite Jewel

a little too infinite. After counter attack by 8 tanks, then what?

B13 Santa's bag

you are told to wait until support arrives at intersection, but, you're confirmed to go for mokroskpy long long before your backup tanks arrive. (in fact, as soon as you capture intersection). Hardly a big deal, but somewhat confusing.

B32 Distant Glow

mission ends too quickly. Relief squad arrives by chopper just before counter attack begins in final town.

... more to come
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Re: Rev 20 Bugz Missions A38 to ...

Post by Snake_Man » 2004-05-10, 03:28:12 PM

As usual, when I get around to it I'll try to fix all bugs to the best of my ability. Right now my own computer is not available but hopefully soon I can get back into OFP work.

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