Rev 20 Bugz Missions 1 to A37

Campaign using BIS standard units

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Rev 20 Bugz Missions 1 to A37

Post by Mike » 2004-04-19, 01:29:07 AM

Patch 1.96

Mission 4: Night Watch
mission will not end. Most especially, if you kill off the spetz naz before they lay their charges. This was an intermittent bug from around v13 on, it's now permanent. Depending on the phase of the moon, you get an erroneous 'target rpg' message, sometimes not. Each release from V13 on or patch from Bis has altered this mission's charactertics. basic error is, no satchels going boom means no game end.

Mission 5: Morning Patrol

mission will not end IF your two other soldiers die. This is always highly likely since they're dumbed down and the enemy ai is not. The nato jeep never arrives at the hospital, and, the 3 enemy or so never appear from the forest near the hospital (or whatever)

there is also a now too early radio trigger informing HQ of an enemy presence in St Pierre, it was normally issued after contact. It would be fine where it is now, except your squad doesn't lock and load and gets killed.

Mission17 Hospital Madness
disengage bug _plus_ the ai has gone awol. your squad doesn't keep formation, or respond well to orders. The mission plays very strange indeed.

Mission25 Leisure Lamentin
chopper lifts off for a 2nd attempt at landing, but auto ejects you. If you disembark your squad, they (sometimes) tumble from the sky)

M26 Op Muse
disengage bug
M27 Midnight Morton
disengage bug
M29 Intersections
Disengage bug

M42 Ambush at Durras

there is _still_ no chopper ride home.
you can year it take off, and hear it hovering somewhere, far away, but it wont come in to land.

M47 Durras Dawn
no 'mission complete' radio message, game simply ends, suddenly. That's ok, but it's inconsistent with other 200 missions.

M50 Kingdom

This mission has changed on each rev. This time round, only a single bmp attempts to make it up the hill. The game ends, suddenly, if and when the convoy reinforcements arrive: irrespective of the fact you are still fending off the russian hordes. There is no radio message, and no, ultimate air support knocking out the bmp's. A pity snake, because this would be one of the best missions you made.

M53 Killing grounds

there are no radio messages indicating that any of the 3 sweep areas have been cleaned out. You are left wondering whether or not you got em all, and the game wont end, until: you got em all. AI Characterstics alter according to machine speed, but on mine, inevitably, there's always a last soldier hiding in the forest in the 'keep out' area. I always have to go in there in 'form line' formation to hunt him down.

M77 Eternal Phoenix

Disengage Bug


Objectives go awol if you kill off the two BMP's too early

This is a spectactular mission, one of snake's best. It is seriously ill. Depending on what heppens where, the T72's from the 2nd objective appear at the first objective, the choppers (4) start dropping troops at the first objective _before_ the vulcans arrive, the town mysteriously gets 'taken' before first objective met.....

if you leave the bmp's alone until much later the sequence, sorta, kinda, works. The 2nd objective (the port) suddenly invokes a shilka (after it's taken) etc etc

the mission is spectacular, but, the target triggers make it almost unplayable.


another great mission. But, as a niggle no radio message when tanks arrive on station at intersection. You are told to wait until they do, in the war situation.

the sniper does not figure in the game unless you go hunting him

the mission ends in the middle of the battle simply because the reinforcement troops sorta, kinda, arrive

M87 Houdan Haven

mission ends when 3 officers arrive (fair enough). But, before they arrive there is _supposed_ to be a counter attack which never happens. It begins after mission has ended and you are taken on a camera tour of the battlefields. Lots of radio messages happening at that time about enemy spotted, and rifle shots etc.

M98 Nomad Stick

after you kill off the shilka, the enemy tank platoons (plural) attack your tank positions. This is contrary to the war situation where you are supposed to wait till the apaches' have killed them off as stationary targets. Your tanks (generally) get slaughtered unless you tell them to attack immediately, ie don't wait, and ignore your gunships.

A05 Fallen Bear

this has changed substantially from previous iterations. They bugs are as follows

you are supposed to join up with the AA/AT team(s) in the forest. These teams get wiped out by the first load of enemy that come looking for them while you are busy with the shilkas

even if they surivive, and, even if they kill off the enemy aircraft, your tanks don't move. The enemy by this time is generally swarming all around the start point but the backup squad ignores them (and is itself ignored)

even if _your_ choppers aren't shot down, and even if either you or the choppers kill off every enemy tank, there is never a radio message saying coast is clear to proceed.

you can never issue the radio call for your tanks to start, and hence game cannot end.

another serious bug is you have two AT guys (4/5) that makes 6 rounds. They have to kill two shilkas and four bmp's. They can't be, _that_ accurate in hilly terrain.

A08 Rapid Hope

1st go: chopper home got stuck in forest
2nd go: chopper burst into flames in forest
3rd go: chopper missed forest by an inch and ultimately took my squad home, but left bravo standing at the lz.

A13 Ivan's wrath

has 'warlooper' debug messages and also 0-8 radio debug

A15 Whisper Hills

thhis has been introduced, this rev. The mission ends prematurely while tanks and bmp's are counter attacking you. It happens before you even attempt to call bravo squad, and just after you take the 1st objective.

A17 Armour Wall

chopper is STILL destroyed by T80 machine gun fire. Almost impossible to kill two tank platoons therefore.

A21 Hounds

Both M113's are (generally) destroyed, one per road block. The first doesn't appear to cause a problem with the next stage trigger

The 2nd M113, the reinforcements, are all killed off and I don't know if this would cause the mission not to end, because I managed to keep just one of the reinforcement troops alive. I think? the answer is to not have RPG for either enemy squads. It's a tuff enough fight without them.
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