PMC Fury Nogova?

Campaign using BIS standard units

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PMC Fury Nogova?

Post by The_Avon_Lady » 2002-10-27, 02:20:27 PM

SnakeMan, if you're already upping the requirements to have Resistance, why not develop a new PMC Fury campaign to capture Nogova?

With an Island the size of Nogova, I'll bet you could stretch this to a 1000-mission campaign! ;D
The Avon Lady


Re: PMC Fury Nogova?

Post by Snake_Man » 2002-10-27, 11:24:37 PM

I don't make anykind of promises (remember, just my own fun) but yes, Nogova is under work.

Its such a beautiful island, its almost shame to fight a war there :)

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Re: PMC Fury Nogova?

Post by Reacher » 2003-10-07, 04:48:48 PM

In Retrospect that was a wonderful suggestion, Avon Lady! And, Snake accepted the challenge and I'm happy to say that some of the best, if not THE best missions of the PMC Fury campaign take place.... where else? Nogova!

What I liked best was, Snake used parts of Nogova that I don't believe Resistance ever used. Some great locations with some super battles and firefights.

This campaign is not something you can start and be done with it in a couple of days. It's more like a couple of months of intensive playing to complete this campaign. You'll waltz through a few missions, but you'll have your ass handed to you in a bunch of them.

Very good campaign! (Be sure and get the latest version!!!)

Reacher 8)

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