Weapon Configs

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Weapon Configs

Post by Mike » 2004-01-21, 02:41:47 AM

snake, I've really enjoyed being able to re-configure the squad and try out different combos for many missions. Some play very differently, according to the changes. (Tanks eg, back away when they spot an AT4 coming at them)

One idea. Why not set an arsenal as of mission Z. From then on, you've got one less AT4 (eg) to play with should you choose to use it that mission. This would be in keeping with the intention of Resistance, that you had to pilfer and conserve whatever you could grab. It didn't work out that way, in Resistance, but you could.

perhaps a string of mission waypoints? where the arsenal gets refilled?

Obviously, you've put the kitchen sink out there for us to fiddle with, and obviously, an m21 available every mission gives the enemy a bad day, but, rather than you selecting what's what (and fixing it each time it needs fixing) why not just set up an ammo dump for us to fiddle with instead?


Re: Weapon Configs

Post by Snake_Man » 2004-01-21, 03:51:05 AM

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