Application For Beta Testing

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Application For Beta Testing

Post by monty67t » 2009-04-28 08:11:32

My name is Richard "Monty" Montgomery. I'm a member of the 502ND Blackhearts ArmA unit. We are a small group of about 15 players who roleplay as a unit from the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). In the past we have mainly used ACE and a small variety of other addons, including some of our own. Recently some of us have become very interested in VTE and we are currently playing with and testing the 4th version of the VTE Alpha release.

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and some of the others in my unit. I'm a former member of the 101st Airborne Division in real life. I was a crew chief on a UH-60 Blackhawk with Alpha Co. 4/101st Aviation Regiment. I served six and a half years in the active duty army and one in the Louisiana National Guard. I was deployed to Iraq with the 101st in October 2005 and spent a year there. I flew over 680 combat flight hours while deployed. I'm now a full time student and a history major at Louisian State University at Alexandria. I've been playing OFP and ArmA since their releases. I originally got involved in modding in the OFP days. I'm a former member of Ballistic Addons Studio. When our leader got hired to work for Bohemia on VBS2, we shut down operations for BAS. I got involved in the ACE project in the early days as an advisor, but I'm no longer involved in that project. My skills as a modder are limited. I can do some config work and some texturing but my expertise is in mission editing. My right-hand man is much more skilled at modding than I am. His name is Ryujin. He made the Strykers that are in ACE. He made slat armor versions of all of them, but only the MGS slat version is in ACE now. We have started a new project for OFP2 called Combat Simulation Project. It is going to be something like ACE for OFP2. We are going to focus on realism. He is a very talented modeler and is pretty good with textures as well. He is getting ready to attend DePaul University where he is going to study game design. We have some other members in our unit who are former and current military including one retired supply sergeant and a current member of the 101st Airborn Division who was wounded in Iraq. Most of our members are older guys in our thirties.

We would like to help beta test VTE. We have our own server which we could use to help test VTE in a multiplayer setting. We have many members who have been playing OFP and ArmA for a long time and are familiar with the engine. I have two friends who work for Bohemia and I can always talk to them if I come across a problem I cannot figure out on myself. Ryujin and myself can also help create addons.

I can also guarantee the security of the work in progress. I know there has always been a problem in the OFP and ArmA community with addons being leaked. I can assure you that this would definately not be a problem. The guys I play with are all men of integrity. Only a couple of us are very active in the community to begin with.

I hope you will consider us for beta testing and I look forward to hearing from you.


502ND BLACKHEARTS FORUM ... ction=home


SOME EXAMPLES OF RYUJIN'S WORK IN PROGRESS FOR CSP ... GP29N3.jpg ... GP29N2.jpg ... GP29N1.jpg ... cket/1.jpg

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Re: Application For Beta Testing

Post by Snake Man » 2009-04-28 10:45:50

I've seen your real life photos from Iraq that you posted in BIS forums, actually I believe I saved most of them. Good stuff. And thank you for your service, anyone who fights for our freedom so I can sit in front of my computer making addons gets my respect. Thank You.

Yes definitely we could get you guys in for testing VTE.

We are now testing the alpha so we can release final alpha to the public. Check out the infamous Getting ready for final alpha release topic and also first details about SVN repository (with help of PMC Editing Wiki: SVN client).
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