Google Adsense removed from all PMC websites

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Google Adsense removed from all PMC websites

Post by Snake Man » 2023-09-08 21:07:44

Got fed up with some piece of shit european privacy consent web bullshit so I just removed google adsense from all PMC websites, its no big deal, adsense didn't make enough money even to cover server hosting and domain registration fees so why keep some crappy ads which gets blocked by browser addons like ublock anyways.

Main thing was that I am so sick of websites which pop up all kinds of garbage cookie consent menus, some with several tick boxes to choose from, when I end up searching something on the web and that kind of site comes up, I'll just immediately CTRL-W close firefox tab on it and go to next search hit. Now google pushes this crap even on adsense with some bizarre requirements, so yeah how about no, no more ads.

Actually I thought about giving up on adsense for couple of years now, so this was the last straw. Hmm I'll probably drop google analytics soon as well, track my own data and stats, I don't need to stinking google for it.
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Re: Google Adsense removed from all PMC websites

Post by dalber24 » 2023-09-10 04:33:25

Maybe it is the best, as long as you are not forced to close PMC due to lack of funds, I am going to be very honest, I believe that PMC has been very helpful to the OFP, ArmA Series and other games community, you have shared your experience and knowledge which is excellent and is greatly appreciated, and I hope you can continue with your sites and projects until you get bored of doing so.

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