Windows 8.1 Support Ends 2023-01-10

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Windows 8.1 Support Ends 2023-01-10

Post by Snake Man » 2022-09-10 17:21:28

Windows 8.1 support ends in 2023-01-10 which is exactly four months from now. My current editing computer is using win 8.1 because my VPN providers client software is not installing to win7 anymore.

Support ending does not mean you cannot use the windows, I am still using windows 7 on my Gaming computer (ArmA 3, Elite Dangerous, Farming Simulator 17 and 19, etc), runs just fine in Gaming use.

Overall the plan is to finally move into Linux Desktop once win 8.1 support ends.

I have been using Linux in server console shell function since the mid 90s, with few interruptions here and there I've been running Linux server since 1998 every day, right now my Linux Ubuntu server 20.04 is running few meters from me as I'm typing this, PMC Tactical forum is hosted in Linux Ubuntu server as well (not the same machine). So Linux is nothing new to me.

Two years ago in september 2020 I installed Linux Mint v20 for the first time as my linux desktop, I loved it, still do, however none of the ArmA 3 and Farming Simulator editing software runs under linux, if I use linux I cannot edit. So after a month of use I caved in and installed win7 back (long story short had to switch to win8.1 due the VPN software).

Right now as we are four months away from windows 8.1 support ending, I have no idea what is going to happen. Nothing? Installing Linux Mint v21 on that day? How do I edit ArmA 3 and FS19 then?

While four months goes by very quickly relatively speaking, I am not going to speculate yet or make any kind of statements about what I'm going to do then.

All I can tell you, is that I'm scared shitless... :o
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