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Posted: 2002-09-26, 04:28:00 PM
by skyraider
Hello Balkan SP3 folk!

I found some things...
1. Playing the Under Siege, Amendola AP, 510th FSq: before receifing the first mission everithing goes fine (Planing...), then I think the mission comes > Game crashes. After I have played some other TE, I could not reproduce the error again.

2. Some groundunits can drive in water?!

3.I have a P4 2.4 GHz with 128MB on the card an 1GB of RAM. And sometimes flying closer to the ground the system is hanging for secounds. Not so in Korea.

4. I flew a Tornado mission, with the Tornado cp installed. After switching from Orbit View back in the CP (Key 2) I had only the HUD view (eq Key 1) available. Aborting the mission endet in W2000 instead on the campainscreen.

You have done great work! I fly in real live almost 5x a week over the Dalmatin Coast. And it looks pretty much the same! Really good Work!! Hope you can fix the Bugs!


Re: Feedbacks

Posted: 2002-09-30, 11:36:00 AM
by Washout
Hi Skyraider

1. Have you got a crashlog which you can send me:

2. Are these near the coast or further out to sea (can you get a screenshot?) If they are near the coast its probably because the coastal tiles are counted as land but the actual texture shows both land and sea IIRC.

3. Hmmmm not sure about this one. Sounds almost like the stutter problem we had pre SP3. Can you check to make sure you have no other programs or unnecessary services running (eg Virus Scanning etc).

4. Not sure about this one - could be because the Tornado isn't fully operational in SP3. I'l take it up myself tonight and see if I can replicate.



Re: Feedbacks

Posted: 2002-10-05, 05:22:00 PM
by skyraider
Ok, I made the Balkan installation again, like described somewhere in a forum (with original Korea as active theater). The problem with the FSQ is gone. I can nicely fly missions now (except ->feedback2).

The Torn-cockpit problem seems to be a only cockpit problem, because I have the same with some other cockpits in other theaters. I'm working on this (...but I'm a F-16 fan, so I'm not in a hurry :cool: )

The ground units are close to the coast, that is right. So I can live with this "bug". I wanted to add a screenshot, but the forum never accepted my file (gif/jpg). I think I'm doing something wrong.

Yes, I have Norton Antivirus working in the back. I try to play without it.

I would send you a crashlog. Could you please tell me how to get one?