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*** L2 terrain unable to Install ***

Posted: 2003-01-28, 01:33:00 AM
by RMaloney
Just to note for those who are continually getting this message or similar when trying to install SP3.

Please be aware when prompted for the F4 location to use the short (8.3) filename as the install does not support long filenames in windows 2000/XP. Also if there is a space in the folder name, only the first word in the name will be taken and the rest discarded causing to error to occur.

For example; I have F4 installed under my "Program Files" (c:\program files\microprose\falcon4 (your setup maybe different!)). On the command prompt, typing in "dir /x" from the root will show you the truncated directory/file name (always ending with "~1" (remember 95/98!!!).

Depending on how many folders deep you have installed F4, you will have to "dir /x" through each level if the number of characters is greater than 8.

Please let me know if this works or doesn't (it should after spending 90 mins re-installing upon re-installing F4 to get to this resolution).

Re: *** L2 terrain unable to Install ***

Posted: 2003-01-28, 09:54:00 AM
by Widowmaker
don't use spaces in installdirs of Falcon.
Theaterinstallers don't like that :)
other then that all should be fine.