Template TE with separated regions for countries.

Operation Desert Storm theater

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Template TE with separated regions for countries.

Post by Butcher_ss » 2008-09-01, 04:19:13 AM

Hey, I'm in the 16th and I often make tactical engagements for the squadron to fly.

I'd love to create TEs for ODS, but the paintbrush doesn't work, and the default TE has the entire northern half of the theater red and the entire southern half blue. I was curious if anyone has a template TE that might have the different countries correctly colored in? It would be extremely tedious and time-consuming to go in and do all of it myself using right click->set owner-> team X.


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Post by Snake Man » 2008-09-01, 06:46:50 AM

The reason for it to be half & half colored is because as you said its a lot of work paint the border areas correctly especially when the theater is in development and every release has new set of objectives which again requires this painting. When painted, even then the TE is always 2 colors, BLUFOR and OPFOR, not much choice for countries there.

I can of course paint it bit more detail, like saudi arabia and everything below blue and remaining red, but thats as far as I can go until we reach final version of objectives.
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Re: Template TE with separated regions for countries.

Post by Gusser » 2010-01-04, 05:54:50 PM

Hmm!! Maybe i have a corrupt install but, as told before i can´t use the p-brush, it wount change colour on territory ! and can´t use the "set owner" button cus when i save it and open it up again some of it returns to default again :?: As a TE-maker a neutral land/force button/colour together with red and blue, would be handy !

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Re: Template TE with separated regions for countries.

Post by derStef » 2010-01-07, 05:28:30 PM

butcher, use Tacedit to define the Nations.

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