ODS..Great theater...but something missing

Operation Desert Storm theater

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ODS..Great theater...but something missing

Post by raptor_87th » 2002-07-22, 10:24:00 PM

hello all, this the first time I am posting in this forum. Had the chance to finally try the ODS theater, and what can I say a fabulous job all around. The only thing I find still is missing is the geographical flatness of the terrain, its way to flat. What I am curious about is is there plans in the work to give the terrain a more elevation seperation. What I mean is the effect of rolling dunes and such, for us people who like to do the NOE type of thing. :D If so, but not for the time being, would you mind if I took a stab at putting some elevations into the terrain, to see what it might look like.

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Re: ODS..Great theater...but something missing

Post by Snake Man » 2002-07-22, 11:45:00 PM

As the DEM data is from 1km resolution I think there is limited possibility to get any rolling dunes in the flat desert.

I guess Widowmaker the dogfight terrain CATE running guru can put together some unrealistic more elevated terrain... but. hmm.

Btw have you flown long distances below lets say 100ft?

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Re: ODS..Great theater...but something missing

Post by 87th_striker » 2002-07-23, 07:47:00 AM

Snake Man...
I think we posted something on this earlier. We can take the DEM and insert extra points to create a more dense grid. We can apply different heightalgorithms for the different terraintypes within the matrix. There are several programs wich can do the job. Matlab, etc...

Codec or others should fix this without problem.

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Re: ODS..Great theater...but something missing

Post by Guard » 2002-07-23, 10:33:00 AM

Have`nt noticed that one, yet. To now, I have just been flying night missions, and above FL120 to, so, have`nt taken a good look at the ground yet ;) )
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