airstrikes slaughter by sams

Vietnam theater

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airstrikes slaughter by sams

Post by Tozzifan » 2002-08-09, 05:47:00 PM

I'm really very interested in Vietnam historical campaign and I can't stand the wait for F105s and other historical tweaks to come in the game :)

one little request, if it could be done: conversely to what happens in the modern Vietnam Theater, here I'm assisting to the massacre of strike flights over north Vietnam by the huge number of SAMs, because the ATO, in the historical one, even pulling up the only sliders concerning sead strikes, generates only a few sead missions, conducted by a little number of Prowlers

could this be addressed, or is it due to the campaign engine, and nothing can be done? or is this really "historical"?


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Re: airstrikes slaughter by sams

Post by Snake Man » 2002-08-09, 06:22:00 PM

Some research needs to be done for the SEAD missions in the historical war. Also its more than likely that there are too many SAM sites in our campaign objectives.

If you find any info on the SAM site placements and/or SEAD missions/aircrafts, please post them here.

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Re: airstrikes slaughter by sams

Post by 172ndhamm » 2002-08-11, 04:37:00 AM

Couldn't find this thread for some reason (?) so I posted some SAM info in a new thread. There should be 16-25 active SAM sites to be historically acurate, with the numbers varying on a daily basis.
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