couple a Bugs?

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couple a Bugs?

Post by WolfPack » 2002-12-28, 05:07:00 AM

Hey SnakeMan,
I dont know if these bugs are in your realm.

1. I have been able to fly NVA missions in my own TE. But there mission generation for
for missions as NVA is very slow. I;ve tried setting the Priorities to Defense Ops only.
And the targets to A/C only. It seems that if there are no Americans in the air, there are no sorties made. This is in the Historical VN.

2. Mig-21 Flight characteristics need some tweaking. Pitch does not match INST.

3. Cant fly the Mig-19. Mission is always cancelled.

4. There is no B-52 listed for the A/C list
in the TE mission builder.

Thats it for now. Otherwise I am having a ball.

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Re: couple a Bugs?

Post by Snake Man » 2002-12-28, 10:54:00 AM

Thanks for the reports, please use the NAM BETA page for reference about known bugs and then post into the 0.8b forum area. Thanks.

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