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Post by Ghostmutt » 2011-03-21, 03:18:14 PM

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone can help a FNG?

I just DL'd the vietnam experience, i only just discovered it, i was wondering how to get voices on the game. I am by no means a computer whizz, and it took me long enough to work out how to 'extract this and create that' its just that i had the old seb nam pack on my OFP and was itching to play some proper Nam missions.

So just a couple of Qs,
An Idiots how to guide to getting voices announcing formation, enemy location, status, etc radio traffic. i read in the vte/bin thingy, but i dont have a clue on how to follow doing things with them ccp files and dont wanna mess up my hard efforts getting the mod working by messing around with its insides.
And i get a message when i start my game saying ' noentry config.ccp/cfgweapons_JAM_45ACP_UMP_2SSDMAG is this gonna seriously effect my game?

I read on other forums that the radio chatter slows down the AI/game is this true? I could play the game without them, but it is nice to hear the voices.

Anyway please forgive my computer-wizzardry or lack of, and please accept all of my heart felt Hooo Rahhhs on creating the fantastic, mod, love the graphics and music and what can i say its good to be back in the Nam.


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Post by Snake Man » 2011-03-21, 03:42:19 PM

Its been quite long while since I looked into the OFP VTE v0.4 release packet, but I assume there is good readme included. However you can find online manual PMC Addons/Manuals: OFP - VTE.

At quick glance it seems the online manual doesn't list required addons, but that was on the readme's included in the release packet.

After reading them and the online manual, if you have any problems I'll do my best to help you out.
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