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Operation Flashpoint (OFP)

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (R6)

Vietnam: The Experience (VTE - OFP, ArmA and ArmA 2 Vietnam war mod)

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Somalia Information, 1993 Battle of Mogadishu

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PMC is old group which has been operating with computers and stuff Since 1984. Our early days of online multiplayer was started with first playing the Army Green Berets game (correct name? and well it was not MP but it was our first climpse of realistic military shooters) and when Rainbow Six was announced, we immediately registered to Red Storm web pages our "PMC Clan", it was one of the first in there. Thats how we got started.

We played through Rainbow Six, then with Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, did missions and played multiplayer. We also tried some Novalogic Delta Force which had nice outdoor environments compared to Rogue, but somehow it didn't feel right. We were always great simulator fans and when Falcon 3 was released we played tons of Operation Desert Storm on multiplayer.

When Falcon 4.0 was released it was mindbogglingly great with the dynamic campaign, some time after we started to dream about "gee if someone would create Operation Desert Storm!", little did we know that we ourselves get into the Theater Editing and the PMC Tactical Fighter Wing Theater HQ site was created.

When we first time saw Operation Flashpoint mpg movies of the UH60 flying, we were just stunned, we couldn't believe what we saw, it was so amazing, just what we had wet dreams about. When OFP was released June 2001 we immediately lost any sense of real life and played all day all night. Little after we started to make missions, played tons of LAN multiplayer and the PMC Tactical pages were created which you are reading now.

Some time after the took a step down from the mess of Falcon 4 scene and concentrated our efforts to OFP editing, we made several campaigns, missions and created the one and only Island Editor for OFP. When ArmA was announced we were cool, hey if OFP rocks whats the point of having anything new coming (kind of weird attitude but still that was how we felt).

When ArmA was about to/and released, we of course immediately jumped on it, with semi mixed feelings we started to play. We wanted to try some editing so of course we created the first ever use made campaign... the rest is history...

On June 24th 2011 we celebrated PMC 10th Anniversary of OFP Editing, we did this by few ArmA 2 addon releases and multiplayer event weekend.

This is our playground, welcome. PMC Tactical team 2000 - 2024.